Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Author: Erika Moran


Kristina Blackthorne is a trophy wife, and she is spoiled. No doubt about it. Jack, her wealthy husband, gives her everything she wants - an unlimited shopping budget, an exclusive membership at the finest country club in town, and a new Porsche. Kristina tries to help him get over his first wife by learning to play the classical music that was her life, but it’s a lot harder than she expected. She wants to give up, but an unpleasant argument with Jack leaves him ready to divorce her. Now she’s stuck with a very expensive piano, a no-nonsense teacher who’s already spanked her with a hairbrush, and a husband returning to the dominant life she never knew he had. Can she learn quickly enough to escape punishment? Or does she enjoy the sexual arousal it provokes too much to behave herself? This full-length novel, the first in the Spanked Princesses series, is available for a short time at an introductory price. Please note that the story includes mature situations, spanking, and delicious lovemaking.

I went into The Pianist with a bit of trepidation because I don't understand the psychology behind domestic discipline. In the books I’ve read with domestic discipline in them, the process seems far too humiliating. But never the less, the blurb caught my eye and I agreed to read it. I was certainly surprised by the plot which leaned a bit more towards bdsm. Once I started this story, I couldn’t stop. With the story evolving naturally, readers will be compelled to flip page after page to unravel the mystery that is Kristina.

Most of the story is from Kristina’s POV. Kristina is a young wife raised from an early age believing the world centered around her every whim. Her new husband, Jack, is a wealthy man and also an experienced Dom. He believes Kristina to be “vanilla” but much to his delight, Kristina’s submissive instincts come out. It’s only through discipline that she is finally able to reach her potential. The psychology – an inner look into her character - as she transforms from a spoiled young woman into an obedient submissive is beautifully illustrated.

While Kristina’s character is well-developed, I didn’t feel nearly as sympathetic towards Jack. Though Jack is said to be a Dom, his behavior throughout nearly the entire book paints him as submissive to his Domme friends, Dani and Bea. He instructs them to discipline Kristina but it isn’t until the very end that he engages in the disciplining himself. The glimpse readers get into the relationship between Jack and these Dommes is sketchy at best but leaves the question of who exactly wields the control.

The spanking scenes were quite authentic – capturing the reader as a realistic portrayal of an intense bdsm disciplining. So here’s where my warning comes in… the discipline, particularly when administered by Bea, borders on masochistic so if that is going to exceed your boundaries, this book might not be for you. If pushed to classify, it is fair to say The Pianist is actually a bdsm book. It contains intense scenes with actual, although consensual, beatings. Kristina is not simply submissive, she is a masochist and those who discipline her are very obviously sadists.

That being said, the story itself is solid with a consistent flow. The ending was a bit abrupt, as if just when the couple find their footing, it ends. Readers will be happy with the outcome though Kristina, I’m sure, couldn’t sit for a few days afterwards. This is an intense story – not for the light of heart – and one that overflowed with charged emotion.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries 
This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.
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