Thursday, May 31, 2012


The Buckin' Bull Riders- what's coming next?

I want to thank the lovely ladies of Guilty Indulgence Book Club for featuring my bull riders this week. Who doesn't like a hot bull rider, am I right?

I thought you might be interested in hearing where the series is going, so here's the rundown:

Impact: book 1; Conner and Jessica; published February 2, 2012
Collision: book 2; Brady and Leah; published April 4, 2012

Momentum: book 3; Marco and Natalie; SOLD; publishing summer 2012
BLURB: Marco D'Allesandro has a destiny he wants no part of-running his family's olive oil empire. He's the oldest son and has been groomed for the job since he was twelve years old. After seeing a professional bull riding event while on vacation in America, Marco is hooked. Against his family's wishes, he moves to America to pursue his own dream to become a professional bull rider himself. Now he's at the pinnacle of his career, but his family wants him home. Things only get more complicated when he meets Natalie Webster, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel who's got problems of her own. Marco wasn't looking for love, but might have found his true destiny in Natalie.
Velocity: book 4; Paolo and unnamed heroine; NOT YET WRITTEN; publishing fall 2012
Inertia: book 5; Garrett and unnamed heroine; NOT YET WRITTEN; publishing spring 2013
I have rough outlines for books 4 and 5 but I'm going to keep them in my pocket for now, especially since I'm a pantser and my books don't always turn out like my outlines. 

Will there be a book 6 and beyond? Who knows? If you guys want it, you can probably convince me to keep going... *wink*

I've also been asked- what about Jessica's brothers? Well, I'm glad you asked! Jessica's brothers are getting a spin-off series. I'm not sure when the first of those will release because, frankly, I have no idea when I can write the first one. I can tell you it will be a BDSM series. I've been getting badgered (and I say that with great affection) to write more BDSM books, so Jess's brothers will all be involved in the lifestyle. I know the over-reaching plot points of the series, but I'm not going to share them just yet. ;-)

So how many books do you want to see in the Buckin' Bull Riders series? Are you excited about a trilogy for Jess's brothers?

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