Monday, June 11, 2012

If You Were Mine - Sullivan's Series, Bella Andre

Sexy, hotter then his movie star brother, filthy rich and with a puppy in tow – what women could resist the middle son, Zack, of the Sullivan’s Family?  Well that is what he is wondering when he meets the equally sexy Heather Linsey and she promptly tells him she isn’t interested. 

Zach will do anything for his family.  So when Zack’s brother asks him to keep his puppy while his family is on vacation he can’t bring himself to say no - even though a puppy does not fit into his hectic life as the owner of multiple car repair shops and busy bachelor.  After just a few hours with “Cuddles”, the mischievous puppy, he is ready to pull his hair out. However, his life get’s even more complicated when a little old lady customer takes pity on him and sends Heather, a dog trainer, to him hoping she will take him on as a client and help train the little crazed puppy.   

From the moment Heather arrives at Zack’s service station the sparks begin to fly between them.  And although Zack is charming and full of one-liners packed with sexual innuendo and comic relief Heather doesn’t want anything to do with him.  She agrees to help him get started with puppy training but insists that he will work with another trainer long term and firmly draws a line.  Little does she know that she is doing the one thing no one has ever done before – not falling for his charm or money and turning their attraction into a challenge.  Zack is immediately hooked and the harder she tries to push him away – the harder he fights to get her. 

Heather has sworn off love – believing that it isn’t really real and just an act that her parents put on for her to cover the fact that her father has always been sleeping around.   Zack’s charm sets her nerves on edge and it takes her really getting to know him before she see’s the man deep within.  Luckily he is up for the challenge.

Zack has no problem with love, in fact, he knows it’s wonderful which is why he has avoided it.  Ever since Zack’s father died when he was just seven his biggest fear is that he will one day leave behind a widow to morn him.  So he has kept women at a distance.  And that was fine until he met Heather and subsequently now can’t imagine living a moment without her.  But is enjoying whatever time he can have with her and possibly falling in love worth the risk of leaving her to a life without him if their time is cut short?  It is a question he struggles with constantly.   And can Heather learn that all men are not like her father?

 Zack is a joy for both Heather and the reader to learn more about.   They start off their relationship agreeing to keep things casual with no strings attached since that is all they both are comfortable with.  But regardless of their concerns about developing things too emotionally, Zack is such a sweet guy that things can’t help but progress.  He is funny and has a knack for making each simple moment they share into something memorable.  If you have not read this series before this could be read as a stand-alone.  However, most of the family (a total of eight siblings and his mom) makes appearances throughout and you will enjoy it more if you go back and read the previous books in the series.  Although both characters have their own concerns about getting into something they both are mentally healthy and mature in their current lives.  Their relationship progresses naturally and yet still at a relatively quick pace given their concerns.  All in all though it is a believable story and masterfully written as all of Bella Andre’s books are.  This one and the rest of this series should have their own space on the “to keep and read again and again” shelf!

RATING:  Five chocolate dipped strawberries enjoyed with a puppy in your lap!

Many thanks to Bella Andre for allowing us to review this book!
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