Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Pirate Prince, Temple Hogan

The Pirate Prince
Pirate’s Booty Series – Book Five
Temple Hogan

From the first moment Prince Rajak laid eyes on Azara, the Persian Princess he wanted her. But his journey to Persian was to find a bride for his brother not himself. However, upon returning from his trip he finds his father murdered by his younger brother, Mohan, who has also claimed the fabulously wealthy Peacock Throne of India, for himself even though it belongs to Rajak since he is the eldest son. Rajak is forced to flee his home to escape Mohan’s supporters and turn into a pirate to survive. Seeking revenge, he steals back the wealth that once would have belonged to him—gems, gold and silver and even captures the beautiful Azara, whom he claims as his own.

This story is not your typical pirate story. Since both of the main characters are royalty they maintain all the pomp and circumstance of their upbringing regardless of their new environment and circumstances. There is also a strong influence throughout the book of the Arab culture they come from. When Azara is captured her group of servants are also captured. The women can not show themselves freely and where berkas at all times. It is considered improper for Azara to not have her chaperone with her at all times. There is a strong underlying level of mistrust between the characters due to all the underlying cultural issues. Azara is concerned that her life will be forfeit if she is ever returned to the intended brother and is no longer virginal and if he lets her live she will only be a third wife to him and not much more then part of his harem. She has watched her mother be an unimportant lesser wife to her dad and therefore struggles to believe that women have worth and can be loved. Rajak is clear on his desire for revenge and this causes further concern in Azara that she is merely a pawn in his game. When they due come together it is passionate but fraught with mistrust. It is a hard fought battle for them both to realize that all the riches in the world are worth nothing compared to trust and love that they can only find in each other.

Rating: Three chocolate dipped strawberries.

This book was given to us by Resplendence Publishing.
Many thanks!
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