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Deep in the Heart of Hexes, BA Tortuga

Deep in the Heart of Hexes, BA Tortuga

Cowbell, Book and Candle Series, Book One

Lily really isn’t the shop-owner type, but she knows she has to go back home after college and take over her granny’s weird, wonderful store, just like she promised. The problem is that Granny wants her to get serious about things she’s not even sure she believes in. When Granny falls mysteriously ill after an antique shatters in the shop, Lily starts to think that the whole world is off-kilter.

Marc deals daily with the kinds of phenomena Lily is struggling against. He knows it’s magick, but he’s not sure how to convince such a beautiful, stubborn woman how to start looking for solutions of the supernatural variety. Lily thinks Marc is arrogant and amazingly handsome, but she doesn’t want to trust him. Can the two of them learn to work together in time to save all that Lily holds dear?

REVIEW: Lily is a very stubborn, snarky woman who does everything she can to push Marc away. She is completely unaware of her inherited magical talent and is convinced that all of her grandmother’s belief’s are nothing but make believe. Marc on the other hand knows that magic is very real – along with poltergeists and many other magical creatures. Upon the urging of his grandfather’s ghost he finds himself reaching out to Lilly to help her regardless of her insistence that she doesn’t want it. But as the poltergeist haunting her grandmother’s store persists in assaulting her and her grandmother continues to appear possessed by something she comes to realize that she needs his help after all. But in accepting his help she is forced to acknowledge the tremendous physical pull he has on her, her need for him and her latent magical abilities. In order to conquer what is attacking her and her grandmother they must join their powers together but in doing so they realize that in each other they have found the greatest power of all, love.

This story is a fun change a great easy summer read.

RATING: Four chocolate dipped strawberries.

CATEGORY: Paranormal Erotic Romance.
ELEMENTS: Adult Situations, Strong Sexual Content, and Mature Language.
LENGTH: Novella

The book was given to us by Resplendence Publishing. Many Thanks.
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