Sunday, August 5, 2012

Snowbound, Bella St. James

When Caroline Mulholland finds herself in the middle of a snowstorm on a dark Michigan night, she decides the safest thing to do is take shelter in the lake cabin her parents once co-owned at the lake. Battered by the snow and cold, she’s thrilled the key is still above the door. The solid cabin will shelter her from the storm; with any luck, the next morning she’ll be on her way to a new life, running a bed and breakfast in her old hometown.

Finding embers in the fireplace makes her nervous…and hearing the voice of the man she thought was dead is a huge shock. Josh Spencer, her first love and her first lover, is even sexier than the last time she saw him, and her body is quick to remind her of all the things she loved about the man.

Taking refuge in the cabin between his dangerous assignments for the military, Josh can’t believe his eyes—or his luck—when he sees the shivering Caroline. Helping her warm up leads to far more than sharing his body heat as he’d intended, leading to an unexpected reunion neither of them will ever regret.

REVIEW: This is a great quickie story. At only 20 pages, the story gets right the heart of the characters long lost desires for each other. Ms St. James does a great job developing the characters quickly and drawing the reader in right from the beginning. Their history together makes their instant connection believable regardless of the years that have past since they have seen each other. The passion between them is very hot and yet playful as only lovers who truly know each other can master. Although very short this is well worth the quick read.

CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotic Romance.
ELEMENTS: Strong Sexual Content, Explicit Description of Intimacy, Light Bondage.
LENGTH: Short-short

RATING: Four chocolate dipped strawberries.
This book was provided to us by Replendence Publishing. Many Thanks
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