Friday, August 17, 2012

You Go Girl!

Lustful Cravings (The Seven Sin Sisters 1)
Oh Ms. Paloma, you go girl!!! You managed very successfully to put  many of my favorite things into a short story. You grabbed my immediate attention with a HOT scene. That in itself is great but I love it that much more when one or both of the characters are paranormal (some type of breed would be my all time favorite) - Thank You very much for that addition.  As much as I love crossing my legs and holding back a moan - I need more in a story then just hot scenes even if you do have a witch and a breed. Build me a story!  

So, I was totally surprised when Madden, your alpha male, and Layla are joined by a submissive Anton to make the perfect love triangle. Yes and hell Yes - totally didn't see that coming.  You had me smiling and quickly turning the pages but when you added the ACTION to the plot you then had me hooked and waiting not so patiently for the next story. Action stories are my favorite of all romance novels. Our alpha male has to be in charge of something besides action in the bedroom -the TEU (Terrorist Elimination Unit) - brilliant and believable.

With all that being said, I was just a little thrown with the beginning. I kept wondering if I missed a piece of the story that talked about the Magdalena and Valendite mating and their individual powers. I when back to the beginning twice to see if I missed a prelude. (I thought I just got carried away with the oh so steamy beginning.) Layla does read the history at the end which helps to set up the next six stories so we are good to go there.  Don't jump ahead if your reading it though because that is just wrong.

All said and done, you so deserve 4 chocolate dipped strawberries! I look forward to more action from the TEU and learning more about the sisters in the Magdalena Circle and your Valendite Breed men.

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