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Happy Hunky Days #2

DAY TWO...Happy Hunky-Days!

Happiest of Holidays from the Guilty Indulgence Book Club. We are pleased to be with you every day and hope you will all join us for our 3rd annual Happy Hunky-days - Twelve fun filled days of Christmas where we treat you with gifts of joy and happiness (aka free books and very yummy eye candy!). All good readers who comment will get a chance to win some really great e-books from our featured authors! Seriously, you can even be quite naughty and still get free books - just remember to register and comment!  

Ms. Claus's List, Deanna Wadsworth, Decandent Publishing
The Naughty North Pole # 1
I am Ms. Claus.

Note the Ms. not the Mrs.?

Santa is my twin brother…not sure how the married rumor got started, eeew!...but he runs the North Pole except for that one most magical night of the year: Christmas Eve. When Santa is away, the elves will play. With me, if they’re lucky enough to be picked from my List.

Please, no nice elves need apply. Because I really want to find out how naughty you can be!

With a whistle, Nick shouted out, “Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer!”
Those weren’t the names of these particular reindeer, of course, but the call had become tradition. The elves and I joined in with the chant, too.
“Now, Prancer, and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen!” Laughing, I looked down at Donna. Her face had flushed with excitement and cold.
Okay, I know it was cheesy, but hey. It was Christmas. If you couldn’t be cheesy at Christmas, when could you be?
Magic sparks in red, green, and silver blasted from the back end of the sleigh, the release of magic, which made it fly. Another resounding cheer went up. I had to wonder if it was just the excitement of a year’s hard work being done and the joy of Christmas, or the show about to go down tonight, which had everyone so worked up.
The reindeer started to run in place above the ground as if they were on a treadmill, their hooves gaining speed. They might be awful creatures, but the sight they made was spectacular.
Nick raised his right arm and dropped it.
“Merry Christmas to all!!!”
On that command, the snarling beasts lunged forward faster than I had ever seen a reindeer move. All shouts and well-wishes were lost in a loud explosion, like blast of hot air from a gasoline-drenched pile of wood ignited by a firecracker. A rush of heat blew my hair back and the sleigh, our grandmother’s modified magical chariot, rose in the air. The jingle of bells and cheers were lost in the power of the vehicle.
Then my brother and his sleigh disappeared in a flurry of sparkles and heat.
It took a moment for the oxygen to sneak back into my lungs and I patted my face to be sure my eyebrows hadn’t been singed off.
“Dramatic much?” Donna whispered.
I sniffed in agreement. “You know Nicky.”
The two elves manning the entrance pulled the levers back. The doors slowly closed. When the last cog locked into place, shutting out the cold air and the last sight of the sparking comet trail of the sleigh, the launch chamber fell silent.
All eyes went to me.
Donna stepped back, as did those nearby.
I did a slow, dramatic turn, clutching the front of my cloak. I smiled at all of my people, two forgotten races of elves who vowed to keep me and my brother company for all eternity.
I slowly strutted into the space Nick had recently vacated with his sleigh, hesitating before I spoke, to allow Donna ample time to maximize impact.
Stopping, I faced the largest collection of eager elves, all of them atwitter with anticipation. The light faces, the dark ones, the black eyes and the green, all locked on me, holding their breath in anticipation of my next words. Smiling at my people, I knew what they needed. Sure, Nick cared for all their needs, gave them a purpose with which to devote our eternity. But only I knew what they craved.
Then, very dramatically, I dropped my cloak, revealing the skin-tight, red velvet halter top and too-short mini. I raised my arms in the air and let out a delighted squeal, finishing up Nick’s cry—
“And to all a good night!”

This is definitely not the Santa story that most of us grew up with. For one, it's Ms. Claus, Santa's twin sister not his wife and two....she's a bit of a slut. She really misses the days when they celebrated Saturnalia and they would have a good ol' fashioned orgy without all of the judgement. She's not exactly jolly either, referring to the reindeer as bastards. But I would be angry too if they ate my flowers and drank all my mead.

While Santa is away Frieda and the elves will play! It's an episode of The Bachelorette that would never make it past the censors as Ms. Claus picks her lover, or lovers for the night.

This is a tongue in cheek Christmas read that will leave you laughing and being thankful that Ms. Wadsworth  can write some stories with kink! No lumps of coal in this story!

Rating: 4 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

Ms. Claus's List Buy Link
Until December 30th there is a 25% off code on for Ms. Claus's List using code HF75Y

Pip's Boxing Day Wish
The Naughty North Pole # 2
All Pip wanted when he came to the North Pole as one of Santa’s elves was to belong. He thought he would finally find acceptance by his peers after Santa’s sister Ms. Claus selected him and two elves for a wild night of debauchery on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the morning after the hot four-way, it seems Pip’s reputation has gone from juvenile delinquent to slut.

And to make matters worse, the sexy green-eyed elf Erik appears determined to ignore him despite their Christmas Eve connection. When Santa sends Pip on a special assignment with Erik on Boxing Day, will it be the most awkward day of his life or will Pip get the wish nearest and dearest to his heart?

Santa spoke. “I was just informed this morning the South Yule Post isn’t online. I have a group of dignitaries coming in two days to check out the new reindeer fawns. They will be flying that way, and I want to know the moment they arrive. It’s not terribly important, what with the yeti migration several months away, and I know I gave you tomorrow off but—”
“I’ll do it,” I blurted, pleased as punch Santa himself had asked me for a favor.
“You didn’t even hear the rest of the request.”
“Oh, umm, I’m sorry, sir,” I said sheepishly, though I knew my answer wouldn’t change.
“I would like one of my personal Dökkálfar to take you out to the station. Do you think you would be available, say, tomorrow morning, to get the station back online?”
“Of course!”
After a grateful Santa left, my mind whirled. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had a special assignment from Santa Claus. Me!—the rescued street urchin, one of Santa’s pathetic ‘little helpers.’ I giggled, hugging myself to keep the happiness from exploding out of my skin.
Not one of the original elves asked to come here by Freyja, I had been sent to the North Pole by the folks back home in Álfheimr—the sky world of the Light Elves—because they had no idea what to do with me. Abandoned by my parents, I’d been a lowlife pick-pocket Charles Dickens could’ve written a story about.
What? Did you think because we were elves we didn’t do bad things? Didn’t lose people in the system? If it hadn’t been for the Santa’s Little Helper Work Release Program for orphans and juvenile delinquents, I’d probably be in jail somewhere. But he’d given me a fresh start, a purpose in life. I admired the man so much, I worked harder than anyone else in the program, and my probationary status had been lifted within two years of my arrival. Some of the older elves didn’t necessarily approve of my kind, but what they thought of me didn’t matter.
Santa trusted me with this assignment.
I would not fail him.

So it's the day after Christmas and Pip get's called by the big guy himself to handle a computer problem at one of the outposts. He can't get there himself so Santa gets one of his best reindeer wranglers to give Pip a ride. Pip is thrilled when he sees Erik is the elf Santa picked. He can still remember the taste of the dark elf from the night before and really wants another go but isn't sure Erik is interested.

I was thrilled to see that this second story was about Pip and Erik because they were so incredibly hot in the first story and I wanted to know more. Well I wasn't disappointed because Pip was just as cute and Erik was just as hot.

Another great addition to this fun quirky world where Ms. Claus is Santa's sister, the reindeer are mean and the elves can control what their cum tastes like by what they eat! If that were true I think there would be a lot more fellatio in the world!

So if you are looking for a quick and naughty read then this is a series that you don't want to miss.

RATING: 4 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and  mug of hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.

Pip's Boxing Day Wish Buy Link

A Gift For Santa
The Naughty North Pole # 3
Since birth, demi-god Nick Claus has heard the demands, wishes and dreams of all humans. Unable to grant the wishes of adults because they want love, health, and peace on Earth—things he cannot provide—Nick has devoted his eternity to granting the wishes of children by bringing them toys on Christmas Eve.

But what about the things Nick wants? Will he ever find the love he craves? Or will he continue to pretend the North Pole has not become lonely and Christmas is all he needs?

Enter Jack Frost.

The winter sprite has been teasing Nick and flirting with him ever since the first kiss they shared, centuries ago. With a saucy proposition, Jack convinces Nick to take a few minutes out for himself despite the busy Christmas season. The catch is, Jack hates Christmas.

Will Nick be able to melt the heart of Jack Frost, or will he end up getting frostbite from this sexy, naughty sprite?

"Look," I began. “Running the North Pole is a lot of work. I have to keep things moving, monitor everyone and everything. Do you know how time sensitive all of this is?”
“If time is an issue, why take away precious moments to come here with me?”
Was Jack being rhetorical or did he really want an answer? It didn’t matter. I’d dallied long enough. At least this little encounter had not ended with an argument. The only bitter sting of our meeting: the lonely one inside me.
I pushed my stool from the bar. “I should never have come. I need....”
A gentle touch on my arm stopped my retreat. “I know what you need, Nick.”
His heady tone went straight to my cock.
“I have work to do,” I argued.
“You always give everyone what they want. Don’t you think it’s time Santa got a gift for Christmas?”
Crossing my arms, I frowned. He never called me Santa except to be derogatory and I sort of hated it when he did. With Jack I enjoyed being just plain Nick.
With a sly look, he tossed a twenty on the bar. “If you stopped running away from me, Nicki, you might get lucky.”
I bristled. “I don’t run away. I might leave, but only because I get sick of that mouth of yours.”
Jack licked his lips and damn if I could stop myself from staring at the way his tongue slid over those enticing pieces of flesh. I swallowed hard and all bravado and irritation fled in the face of such temptation.
“You haven’t seen enough of my mouth to really be sick of it.”
My eyes widened and the thud-thud of my heart in my chest seemed impossibly loud. The air in the bar felt hot and suffocating all of a sudden. I fought the urge to tug on my turtleneck and release some heat.
Piercing blue eyes met mine. “Come, on. I double dog dare ya.”
A breathy chuckle escaped me. “What are you, eight years old?”
Smirking, Jack slid off his stool. “I have a room across the way at the Holiday Inn. Care to finally make good on all this back and forth, or do you just wanna take care of your North Pole yourself?”

Wooooo! Merry Christmas from Texas y’all! Did you miss me? I promise to do better on my kinky Saturdays with Sid. K’so. I met Deanna Wadsworth at GayRomLit in October. There may have been an incident involving Deanna, Damon Suede, and my kilt….There might have been pictures of said incident as well..but..I digress. Since we’re doing the 12 Hunky Days of Christmas over here at Guilty Indulgence, I asked Deanna if I could review her new release “A Gift For Santa”. It’s a fabulous Christmas story y’all! You might be taken a bit aback by the shattering of all things you know about Santa, but you won’t put the book down. I love the intriguing little romance between Santa and Jack Frost. Can Jack come to my house and play too? I could use some real winter down here! And another thing, I guarantee you will NEVER look at eggnog the same! OMG! I seriously need to go buy some eggnog now… 4 ooey gooey chocolate dipped strawberries swimming in eggnog for “A Gift for Santa”!

A Gift For Santa Buy Link

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