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Prince of Power by Elisabeth Staab

Prince of Power, Elisabeth Staab, Sourcebooks
Chronicles of Yavn #2
This Fight Is Personal...

Wizards and vampires have been mortal enemies since the beginning. Now Anton, son of the Wizard Master, has one last chance to steal the unique powers of the vampire king's beautiful sister, Tyra...and then kill her. But when he meets Tyra face-to-face, everything changes...

Tyra will stop at nothing to defeat the wizards, until Anton saves her life and she suddenly sees an opportunity she never could have imagined...

As the sparks ignite between them, together they could bring an end to the war that's decimating their people, but only if they can find a way to trust each other...

This is the second time I have read a book with my name as the heroines name and I have to say that I don't know how you people with slightly more common names than I have do  it. I thought it would be cool but I found myself changing Tyra's name in my head when it came to the sex scenes. LOL Of course when she is kicking ass she is totally Tyra in my mind!

I love when an author can take a something like vampires which has really become common in the last several years and totally change the mythology and breathe some new life into the stories. Ms. Staab has done that with the Chronicles of Yavn series. It's original and funny and sexy with enough of the "rules" that they are still vampires but in a completely different way.

Tyra is the Kings half -human sister. She is powerful and a kick ass warrior in her own right with some very handy powers. She is also a compassionate caregiver who spends a lot of time volunteering at the local shelter to get in touch with her human half.

Anton is the son of the Master Wizard and he is sent to kidnap Tyra so that his father can study her because of her unique powers. When Anton refuses his fathers orders he is beaten and left for dead, which is how he ends up at the shelter where Tyra works. He may not remember who he is but he knows he must protect Tyra, even if it means his life.

Romeo and Juliet thought they had it bad....Anton's entire race is bent on killing and absorbing the power from Tyra's race, how do you justify loving your mortal enemy??

Secrets and intrigue are the norm in this addition to the Chronicles of Yavn. And not everyone is whom they seem to be. We might get the answers to a few questions but there are many more that are still waiting to be answered.

The main couple are once again interesting but for me it's the secondary character's that intrigue me the most. I am so ready to learn more about Lee and Agnessa and how Lexi might play into that storyline. And Siddoh's mate is going to have to be a strong woman. My favorite of the secondary lines is the relationship between Xander and Theresa, so beautiful and heart-breaking at the same time.

War between races, political and palace intrigue, and some super sexy couples, sounds like the vampire tri-fecta to me!! I can't wait to see who's story Ms. Staab brings us next!

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RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. 
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