Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Humpday Hello to Cora Blu!

Hello hello - a thousand hellos!  We have survived the gauntlet of spring holidays and it's clear sailing toward sunny days (I gotta figure the whole April showers thing is tabled due to the crazy amount of snow we packed into March!).  Anyway, after the yard work gets done, I plan to spend many lovely weekends parked on my new sprawling sunny porch with a select beverage and a good book or three.  Ahhh the fantasy of indulgently doing nothing!  Oooh, speaking of fantasies - how about a bite of some delish eye candy before hearing about a great new read?  Ummmm - so very tasty!

Cora Blu, Blade (Brothers of Element, Book 2), March 2013

Finning on the rise in the Pacific, king Blade Bartholomew must regain his memories for his life mate and stop the finning before his people are wiped out completely.

Dive back into the world of Clear Corals with Cora Blu's follow up to last years debut in her latest paranormal series, The Brothers of Element. In Blade, life under the sea has gotten chaotic after the great tsunami. Queen Miyuki and King Blade Bartholomew have precious little time to solidify their mating or face a perilous elimination ceremony. However, the King still hasn't regained his memories and Miyuki just can't seem to get past that. Coupled with drama and intrigue of stolen shipments, dangerous finning of tiger sharks and missing family after the natural disaster and we find neither royal knows who to trust anymore. 

Cora Blu creates a unique and original take on the shifter mythos - no mere selkies, these warriors are fish and mammal shifters like none other. Powerful Blade, like Dagger, shifts into the most terrifying predator under the sea. Fiercely independent and deeply loyal, Miyuki shifts into an Irrawaddy dolphin. Somehow Blu manages to make it work and if this pair will get past their differences, their bonding will create the ultimate union for Clear Corals. 

Fast paced and complex, this second in the series proves the adage that "books must be read in order" - while the story itself is highly enjoyable as a stand alone, many of the characters and story lines continue from Dagger's story. Watching the power struggle between Miyuki and Blade teases the reader for a large portion of the story. Fortunately, cleverly written storylines weave like netting to capture the reader and keep them ensnared while the frustrating couple works out their issues. Their chemistry ranks off the charts and their action packed initial mating feels much like the fight scenes that proceed it - sexy, angry and entertaining as hell. 

Ms. Blu should be applauded for her ability to incorporate current issues involving our oceans and their inhabitants - dangerous intrusions by the humans who encroach on their existence with pollution and hunting. The messages are clear without overwhelming the romance or fantasy world of her sea shifters. As sexy as a dip in a tropical ocean, Cora Blu's Brothers of the Element Series are worth the read for those who want to hold their breath and take the plunge! 

Rating: I give this sea-sational tale four chocolate dipped strawberries. This book was provided by the author for an unbiased review. Many Thanks!

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