Monday, June 17, 2013

Hollywood House Call

Calling L.A.'s most eligible M.D.!

Brilliant Hollywood cosmetic surgeon Noah Foster has perfection at his fingertips. Even so, he knows better than any man that losing someone you love comes at a cost. Which is why he can't walk away from Callie Matthews. When an accident shatters her dreams of stardom, he vows to heal her, inside and out.

Yet living in close quarters makes their red-hot attraction impossible to ignore. Being at Callie's bedside is one thing-and being in her bed is something Noah can't resist. He doesn't do commitment...but letting Callie go is impossible....

Hollywood House Call makes me miss L.A. .... almost.  Certainly Hollywood wasn't this exciting when I lived there!  Another fabulous romance from the up and coming Queen of Romance, Jules Bennett, Hollywood House Call steamed up the screen of my Nook!

Who knew the rich and beautiful could be so fractured emotionally?  Ms. Bennett's rich portrayal of a handsome plastic surgeon garners immediate interest.  Noah Foster's grief and guilt make him as damaged as the scars he so brilliantly repairs.  Callie Matthews comes across initially like thousands of pretty Hollywood actress wannabes - all from small nowhere towns looking for fame and fortune.  And yet hers is a story with so much more depth/passion/heartache. The mutual attraction between her and Noah is intense and captivating.  There are moments that completely smolder on the page!

It's been a long time since I got swept up in a story that had me wanting to hurl the book across the room, cry and swoon all in rapid succession.  Her stubborn pride and the baggage he carries over from his fiancee's death are enough to cripple any romance in it's infancy.  Noah and Callie have to fight tooth and nail to heal their wounds, both physical and emotional, if they have any hope at 100% recovery.

Hollywood House Call kept me up way past my bedtime, page after page with her tantalizing romance and heartfelt story.   We should all have a hunky surgeon at our beck and call when we convalesce.  

RATING: Four Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and a cold Mike's to read by the pool with!  This book was given to us by the author for an unbiased review.  Many thanks.
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