Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Book Indulgence Hop! #NdulgentHop

It's Our Blog-iversary!
Once Upon A Time... there were six very different women and one very lucky man. We had a dream -a dream to start a book club and a review site dedicate to romance- and we made our dream a reality. That's how the Guilty Indulgence Review Site came into existence.

Even though we each have our own preferences in sub-genres, we all love to read romance novels. The reviewing part is a bonus though we learned that we prefer reviewing only the books we find indulgent. So, it only made sense for our blogiversary, to write each day about our book indulgences.

Read along - there'll be a post each day from a different ndulgent blogger. Enter to win - we have a fabulous, huge grand prize. Hop to other sites - some of our favorite authors, publishers and other sites are participating too. Just have fun... because for us, that's what this whole experience has been about. Having fun and Living Happily Ever After!

Then use this list to hop to all the participants!

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NDULGE in Audiobooks

Aphrodite's Kiss
Like Honey
Tease Me
Uncovering You: The Contract
Breathe Into Me
Before You Break
When You're Ready
The Hazards of Skinny Dipping
The Rise of the Hotel Dumort
Being Chase
The Amazon's Curse
Night Games

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