Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

Hello all, I can't believe another year has passed. Where has the time gone, there were more books I wanted to read!! So since today is my day to review, I am going to switch things up a bit. Here is a review of my reading year:

(This year is brought to you by Goodreads, because there is NO way I would be able to remember all of this!)

2013 started with a catch-up of Maya Banks KGI Series but my first review for 2013 was a new to me author T. A. Webb and his fabulous Second Chances story. It was also the first Ultimate Indulgence read for the year:


You would think with the amount of reading that I do that new to me authors would start to become scarce, but that is not the case. Here are the links to my reviews of a few new to me authors:

The wonderful SJD Peterson:


J.P. Barnaby is fabulous but don't forget the tissues because her books are powerful:


RJ Scott writes sexy men with a strong sense of family:


Cardeno C has definitely been added to my auto buy list:


As well as Silvia Violet:


Eve Langlais is so freakin' funny:


But I can never forget my go to authors:

Andrew Grey makes me believe in love:


If anyone could make me hope for a visit from the Grim Reaper it would be Darynda Jones...but only if Charley brings Reyes with  her:


I once again worshipped at the alter of Shelly Laurenston:


And I have re-discovered Christine Feehan and her Carpathians:


As the year comes to an end I am finishing-up with another catch-up. I am ending my year with Mark Antonious Richfield and the D-lish men of GA Hauser's Action! series. (jealous?)

With 215 books read this year I obviously couldn't list them all but hopefully I have mentioned someone that you haven't read or reminded you of a series that YOU need to play catch-up with.

All of us here at Guilty Indulgence wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

May your 2014 be filled with LOTS and LOTS of books!

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