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Humpday Hello to @GordonGina #Review

Greetings and salutations my humpday nation! New year, new you and all that jazz. I'm not one for resolutions but I do make the same vow to myself every year because I believe adventure keeps you alive and kicking: Try something new, go somewhere new and make one new friend. You'd be amazed at what a few surprises in your life can do! Speaking of can do's - how about some go-to eye candy? It will help to set the mood for another great series you MUST put on your Too Be Read list for this year (or heck, just grab your copy now and enjoy!)

Tell me this doesn't grab you in a heartbeat: The Madewood Brothers Series: This is a series of four category romance novels that follow the love lives of four foster brothers – Jack, Neil, Finn and Cole – who were taken in by a rich, widowed, socialite, Vivian Madewood. As teenagers, the brothers connected with Vivian through food, and as adults, followed in the family business, becoming chefs and taking over the Madewood multi-million dollar restaurant and gourmet food empire. Each book will feature one of the brothers and their sweet, and always sassy, heroines.

Entangled Publishing - Brazen
November 2013

She’ll go to any lengths to keep his demons at bay…

Bad boy Neil Harrison may have a sexy body and an even sexier smile, but there’s no way in hell architect Carson Kelly is falling for the elusive bachelor. For starters, he’s her boss, and getting intimately involved with the infuriating alpha male could be a career-killer. And secondly, he’s battling personal demons in one of the most dangerous ways possible: illegal street racing. After a friend’s tragic death years ago, Carson swore she’d never get involved in that life again.

Neil knows Carson’s keeping secrets and he’s determined to uncover all of them…even if he has to seduce them out of her. But as their antagonistic work relationship ignites a passionate affair, Carson must decide if protecting Neil from his need for speed is the perfect outlet for her own restless desire, or if they’re on a one-way path to destruction


REVIEW:  For those who loathe the long, cold, lonely winter...fear not!  There is a cure and it's name is the Madewood Brothers series.  These stories are seriously hot enough to have you fanning yourself as if you were someplace tropical! While Recipe for Satisfaction garnered my heart, Recipe for Attraction ensnared my soul.  The Madewood boys are back and, as always, they are cooking up some kinda steamy lovin with a sassy heroine who makes them want to give up (most of) their wicked, wicked ways.

What is it about the bad boys?  The tortured souls who want redemption and love?  I haven't figured it out yet but I know I'm a sucker for it time and again!  Recipe for Attraction tells the tale of the oldest of the four foster children of Vivian Madewood - another driven, reserved man who grieves deeply for the woman who took him in and changed his entire existence with her love of family and food.  Desperate to feel anything apart from the numbing void of grief, Neil Harrison takes to illicit street racing.  Skating the edge of danger and self-destruction, he is found out by Carson Kelly, the sexy architect who shares his dark side and battles demons of her own.  Carson strikes a bargain with Neil - if he'll give up street racing, she'll provide him with...distractions - whenever he needs her. As if any sane woman would turn this proposition down!   The question remains - can you cook with heat and not get burned?

Gina Gordon crafts a sexy, indulgent confection that has the reader hungrily gobbling up its pages.  Well written with characters that have serious depth and appeal, this second in her Madewood series was well worth the wait!  Having gone on my auto-buy list after the first installment, it is quite satisfying to return to her story world and enjoy the further exploits of the sexy foodies and the women who love them.  And once again, the manner in which her story unfolds and the pace that it maintains has the perfect balance of action, drama and romance.  And I am certain I will never think of a deep freeze in the same light after Recipe for Attraction!  And to think, there are two more brothers to tantalize our taste buds yet to come....Yum!

I give Recipe for Attraction FIVE delish chocolate dipped strawberries and a sexy bike ride down a country road! This novel has achieved our Ultimate Indulgence Book Award!


Don't forget to check out book one in the series - cause Tyra doesn't approve of reading out of order.....ever!

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