Thursday, January 9, 2014

#THURSDAY13: Almost Mine #REVIEW

Almost Mine by Lea Darragh is an emotional novel about not seeing what's right in front of you -and not knowing what you've got- until it's gone.

Cate has always taken Nick for granted. Through a wild youth of mistakes, bad choices, and self-destructive behaviour, Nick has been the one thing that Cate could count on. She knows he loves her, but she can't love him back. He's too perfect, too strong, too caring. She has darkness in her that can't handle that much light. 

When an unexpected pregnancy forces them into a marriage of convenience, Cate hopes that Nick can love her enough for the both of them. But as time passes, Nick grows frustrated and finally decides to cut himself loose. Will his absence prove to Cate just how much she needs him?

My REVIEW comes to you in the form of a THURSDAY13 List. Here are 13 thoughts on the book...

(1) Almost Mine is a debut novel.
(2) Almost Mine takes place in Australia. Either I missed this in the beginning or readers aren't told up front. It fell into place for me eventually but if you want to read the book, it's best to know up front.
(3) As an American, there were a few words I had to google but the use of them in the story lent to the authentic Australian feel.
(4) A family winery serves as the setting and the descriptions add to the feel of the story.
(5) Almost Mine takes a whole different perspective on the story of love. It was a bit sad at times actually, as it was told from the POV of Cate who didn't love Nick as he loved her. He knew but believed he could take care of her and she'd eventually come to love him for what he could provide.
(6) Cate and Nick had been friends since childhood and he'd loved her all those years. There is a lot of background information but it was provided without interrupting the flow of the story.
(7) Cate grows during the story -thank God!- because in the beginning, she's self-absorbed and reckless. Once she allows herself to open to the possibility that love is not what she first thought, she's able to open herself up. Her growth made the book for me and had that not happened, my ereader mightn't have made it through the experience.
(8) Nick is an incredible man. That bears saying again. Nick is an incredible man.
(9) I disliked their other childhood friend but wished there had been more depth to her character. I know she was secondary but I wanted to understand her motivations more.
(10) The book opens in the present with a tense scene. Then it drops back to the future. That was a great hook - I ripped through the pages hoping that it didn't end the way it began.
(11) The intimacy was useful in depicting the growth in their relationship from a friendship love to a romantic love. While the sex scenes were hot, the best part was how they moved the story forward.
(12) RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
(13) This book was provided to us by NetGalley. Many thanks.
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