Saturday, October 11, 2014

Loving Chase by J. J. Scotts #REVIEW

Loving Chase, J.J. Scotts
The Chase Series #5
The Chase series comes to an end.

Liam Collins has undoubtedly fallen in love with the man he was hired to impersonate. After finding out the horrifying story behind Chase’s scar, Liam thinks that he can understand Chase -- not only understand Chase, but truly love him for who he is.

But after a heartfelt confession and a passionate night, Chase keeps avoiding Liam. While Liam struggles to confront Chase, he’s suddenly invited to have dinner with Chase’s parents -- the elusive Mr. and Mrs. Preston. Liam is curious to find out more about Chase through his parents, but he’s about to come face to face with the true pain of Chase’s past.

Will Liam get his answers and prove to Chase that what they share really is love? Or will Chase’s walls remain?

What a ride this series has been. When I read the first part I thought this was going to be a sweet story of a big city rich guy falling for a country boy. This series turned out to be so much more. There are terrible secrets and truths that are revealed in this last entry that will leave you surprised and wanting so much more.

Liam has grown so much through out this series and has become the Man that Chase needs him to be, and is completely loyal to Chase.

Chase took a little longer to come around but after the life he has lived I couldn't blame him for being cautious.

There were some loose ends that I would have liked to have seen tied up tighter but the overall series was very satisfying. Loving Chase wasn't easy but it was worth it!

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.

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