Tuesday, December 13, 2016

HAPPY HUNKY DAYS #1 Perfect Alignment by @Silvia_Violet #REVIEW #HUNKYDAYS

Happy Hunky-Days!

Seasons greetings to all our friends, family and fellow book lovers.... It's hard to believe the year is wrapping up - life can get so hectic with work, school, kids, pets, etc that it seems like the train will never stop!  The beauty of this holiday season is that we, the Ndulgent Bloggers, are here to celebrate with you all that is good with our crazy world. Despite the chaos, we assure you there are some divine new stories out that are guaranteed to grab you for a moment or several and carry you away to a holiday oasis.  Please join us for our SEVENTH annual Happy Hunky-days!!  Twelve fun filled days of Christmas where we treat you with gifts of joy and happiness (aka excellent books to place on your TBR pile and very yummy eye candy!)  Savor the calorie free treats and join us daily for more fabulous Ndulgent reads!

Perfect Alignment, Silvia Violet
Thorne & Dash #3
Thorne proposed to Riley. Riley accepted.

Thorne thought that was that. They’d take a nice trip, get married, and spend a week luxuriating in a five-star hotel with occasional excursions to fabulous restaurants.

Riley imagined a traditional wedding with all the trappings. With all their friends and family. At Christmas.

Thorne concedes reluctantly, and a flurry of wedding planning ensues. At the same time, Thorne is wrestling with a recalcitrant client, and Riley and his business partner, Susan, are consumed with renovations and planning for the opening of their bakery. Stress on top of stress makes both Riley and Thorne doubt their relationship, and a major misunderstanding nearly silences the wedding bells.

By the time they reach their happily ever after, they’re both going to deserve all the romance they’ve been dreaming of.

If you were already a fan of this series then this book is the perfect dollop of whipped cream on top of the rich dessert that was books 1 & 2.

This book is an indulgence that wraps the relationship up in a bow and leaves you feeling satisfied. It's not all fluff because there are a few serious issues that come up between the MC's, and in my opinion Riley forgave Thorne entirely too easily.

Thankfully we had Marc and Kathryn to butt in and smack some heads together or this relationship would have gone completely off the rails. Between the miscommunication and not talking to each other honestly it was almost the perfect mess.

This book is the ideal start to our Hunky Days celebration with the off the charts scenes between Thorne and Riley that will heat up any cold night. This was a nice ending to a sexy, fun series!

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 RATING: 3.5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks. This book was READ & RATED by Tyra


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