Wednesday, December 14, 2016

HAPPY HUNKY DAYS #2 F*cking Awkward Holidays @TarynPlendl #hunkydays #holidayhotreads

DAY TWO... Happy Hunky-Days!
Seasons greetings to all our friends, family and fellow book lovers.... It's hard to believe the year is wrapping up - life can get so hectic with work, school, kids, pets, etc that it seems like the train will never stop!  The beauty of this holiday season is that we, the Ndulgent Bloggers, are here to celebrate with you all that is good with our crazy world. Despite the chaos, we assure you there are some divine new stories out that are guaranteed to grab you for a moment or several and carry you away to a holiday oasis.  Please join us for our SEVENTH annual Happy Hunky-days!!  Twelve fun filled days of Christmas where we treat you with gifts of joy and happiness (aka excellent books to place on your TBR pile and very yummy eye candy!)  Savor the calorie free treats and join us daily for more fabulous Ndulgent reads!

F*cking Awkward Holidays 

by Taryn Plendl, A.D. Justice, Ahren Sanders, Amanda Maxlyn, Brooke Page, Carey Heywood , Christine Manzari , Christine Zolendz , Dina Littner , Eliana S. Peters , L.L. Collins , Lex Martin , Gina Sheldon, H.J. Bellus , Kennedy Ryan  . Laura Ward, Leigh Carman . Lex Martin , Lindsey Iler , Liv Morris , LL Collins. M. Mabie  , Magan Vernon, Meghan Quinn.  Mel Ballew , Trudy Stiles . Stacy Kestwick.

25 Authors, Awkward Sex, Epic Cause
Holidays conjure up many thoughts - long, chilly nights snuggled
up by the fire, bare feet tucked under the one you love. Some are hallmarks of summer, when your skin is warmed by more than the sun. There is the after-Thanksgiving dinner nightcap, and the feel of the smooth, sultry burn of whiskey warming your chest, rendering your limbs heavy. Or lazy kisses and wandering hands beneath your best dress on a romantic Valentine's Day date.


Holidays are the perfect time to slow down and get your book on. And who wouldn't want to snuggle under the covers with these fabulous, sexy short stories.  From the angst of being fixed up to the awkwardness of being caught in the act - steamy tales of holiday romantic mishaps and mistletoe magic are sure to please. Find a new-to-you author or reconnect with some of your favorite series characters in this amazing bargain, chock full of naughty holiday delights.  I guarantee some stories will have you laughing out loud (and others reaching for ice water and a fan!)  Hoo boy!

I give F*cking Awkward anthology Four Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and a hot toddy to keep you up and warm all night!

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