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Dropping the Dime

Miranda Vaughn Mysteries#2

By Ellie Ashe

Miranda Vaughn was once falsely accused of stealing millions, and now she’s helping others who are facing criminal charges. While being an assistant to her former defense attorney isn’t Miranda’s dream job, she’s eager to prove herself, and her first task is a simple one—protect Kathryn, a shy CFO turned informant, and help her prove that a popular real estate developer is embezzling millions from his company. But what should be a straightforward assignment is deliciously complicated when Miranda is thrown together with FBI Agent Jake Barnes, the man who saved her life, broke her heart, and then disappeared.

Beneath the neatly plotted rows of new homes lurk dark secrets, bitter feuds and a whole lot of greed. Nothing is what it appears, even Miranda’s timid client, who is hiding secrets of her own. Despite her growing distrust of her client, Miranda must protect Kathryn from becoming the target of the FBI’s investigation and protect herself from the real thief—all while protecting her heart from the sexy FBI agent she can’t seem to resist.

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I am still loving these Miranda Vaughn Mysteries! Book 2, Dropping the Dime, picks up a couple months after the last installment. Miranda still works for her attorney Rob who is very happily wooing her Aunt Marie....much to her eyes dismay. Jake is forever busy with his FBI cases and has a new partner who thinks Miranda's a fraudster. And hunky rancher bad boy Quinn sets his cap for our heroine but can she see the forest for the trees? Oh, and new client that may bring big prestige or big disaster. Sounds like the makings of a first rate road trip listen!

Less action packed than the first, but by no means less madcap, Dropping the Dime shows Ms. Ashe can craft a well done story with characters you love (or love to hate) and a story that is at once highly complex and simply hilarious at points. Unable to shirk the mantle of former defendant, she happily takes up for her new charge Kathryn who seems to want to bring down a local real estate magnate. When the FBI gets called in, Jake comes to the rescue. Except Miranda wants to rescue herself, mostly.

It's fun, entertaining and highly enjoyable. There are the requisite plot twists and some very nicely paced sexual tension that fuels the storyline. Terri Schnaubelt does a spectacular job once again, capturing the characters and relating with great pace and pitch the story as it unfolds! Read the first book and then relish the second.

I give Dropping The Dime, (Miranda Vaughn Mysteries, Book 2), 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. This book was given to us by The Audiobookworm for an honest review.


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