Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I have always been a fan of St.Patrick's Day and it hasn't always been about the green beer. It means that spring is right around the corner and I am usually in the throes of March Madness! Filling out brackets is a family event in our house, and while I know some of you may frown on the fact that we allow our children to gamble, I won last year and didn't have to cook for a whole week! So you might want to re-think your stance.

I am pretty sure I was the first one in the GI club to finish this months book and it just about killed me to not be able to talk about it right away. Frequent readers of this blog know that I am a BIG fan of books that have a sense of humor, so when I read the blurb about this book I was very excited. There has been a lot of hype and good buzz surrounding it which can sometimes lead to disappointment, but I am very happy to say this book not only lived up to the expectations for me it exceeded it.

First Grave on the Right, Darynda Jones, St. Martin's Press, February 2011
Charley Davidson is a P.I., and to help her father and uncle, who are both police detectives, she also consults for the Albuquerque Police Dept. Oh yeah and one other thing...she's The Grim Reaper. Now I know what you are does she walk around in that hood and robe in the New Mexico heat??? Well she is not your stereotypical Grim Reaper, for starters, she doesn't wear the robe or carry the scythe, but she does talk to dead people and that helps her with her paying gigs.

So what happens when 3 lawyers from the same firm are all murdered in one night? If you are Charley's Uncle Bob you call her for some help. While working on this case and trying to convince 3 stubborn lawyers to "cross over" she is also trying to figure out the secret of who is coming to her in the night and giving her some seriously HAWT dreams. While the mystery man is familiar he is also kind of scary.

I swear as I was reading this book I felt like I was listening to one of my best friends tell me about her life. I loved the flow of the book and the snarky way that Charley talks to everyone. The banter between her and sexy skip-tracer Garret Swopes is some of my favorite dialog. The attitude and snappy comebacks made for a fun read. A full cast of lovable and interesting secondary character's keep the story line moving. I love when a book makes me laugh out loud and this book did on more than one spot. I give First Grave on the Right 5 chocolate dipped strawberries!!And I am anxiously awaiting the second book in this series, Second Grave on the Left due out in August.

Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of First Grave on the Right.
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