Thursday, September 29, 2011

Delicate Freakn' Flower

I have to tell you about this great book I just read. It was a freakn’ funny book about a feisty heroine who thinks she knows exactly what she wants until fate throws her a curve ball (quite literally). Eve Langlais’s Delicate Freakn’ Flower is a gem, a romance that envelopes love, sensuality and humor all into a delicious story.

The book’s heroine, Naomi, screams from the pages. She is a wolf shifter determined not to follow the tradition of mating to another shifter, instead wanting to settle down with a calm human husband. After growing up in a family with five, testosterone-driven brothers where chaos reigned, she wants peace in which to live her adulthood completely opposite of how she spent her childhood. She considers herself a delicate flower – though there is clearly more to her personality than that - and she’s furious when her life is thrown off course by not just one, but two very alpha shifters claiming to be her mate.

An unexpected encounter at a lacrosse game brings these two shifters to her front door in a most humorous way. Still Naomi wants nothing to do with them because they are everything she does not want in a mate. They’re shifter athletes with not enough brains and too much brawn. Though she can’t help but notice they’re also a whole lot of hot. Naomi might consider herself a delicate flower, and even may want to be treated like a delicate flower but that is so not what Naomi is. She’s tough, strong, determined, capable and so full of attitude and spunk. Seriously, she’s pretty bad-ass. It’s hysterical when she proudly declares to her mate in one of their earlier encounters:

“I abhor violence. How many times do I have to say it? I am a delicate. Freakn’. Flower!” She punctuated her claim with a twist of his nuts that made his breath whoosh out.

Ethan and Javier drive her crazy with their attempts to win her over, wanting nothing more than to make their new mate happy. Ethan is an enormous Kodiak bear shifter, shy but determined, and Javier is a sleek panther shifter, a classic ladies man shocked but convinced he’s found the perfect woman. And, my, oh my, are they ever sweethearts. They go to incredible lengths to see that her life is not disrupted by them but enhanced, enriched by their courting. They are so sweet as they attempt to show her they don’t fit her stereotype of shifter males. And Naomi is far stronger than I because I would not have held them off as long as she did! But I also admit that her fight made the moment in which she comes to accept her mates unforgettable. *sigh* This book has some major build up before it gets to some major hot lovin'.

Ethan and Javier are perfect alpha heroes – their relationship with each other is genuine and enhanced the storyline as they worked as a united force. In fact, I’m pretty certain it took both of them to woo her. One mate wouldn’t have been enough for this dynamic heroine. The men both had these amazing personalities that made it difficult for me to choose which I loved most. Ethan was sweet in deed but short on words while Javier was more suave and flirtatious. And when we discover they both in fact did have brains to match their brawns, I wanted to scream at Naomi to CLAIM THEM!

So lucky for Naomi, she didn’t have to choose which mate – she just had to choose to accept her happily ever after. What a funny book this is as readers get to experience these great characters. Delicate Freakn’ Flower is truly a gem. And so very delicious, it deserves the honor of 5 chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Indulge and then “comment” to let me know which you would choose… Ethan or Javier? I dare you to try and choose between the two – I still can’t decide...

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