Monday, November 14, 2011

The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf - Molly Harper

So how do you top the perfection of Mo and Cooper’s hilarious story in the first book of this series...well add even more wacky werewolves of course! The “Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf” is as Mo would say, “Funnier then a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.” Beginning a year after the first book and focusing more on the pack territory of Crescent Valley and less on Grundy, Alaska the story is a nice new perspective on this funny group of characters. Maggie, Cooper’s sister or Scrappy Dappy Do to Mo, picks up and tells her story. As the new and very cocky Alpha for her pack she is trying to help the pack settle down from the years of turmoil that are finally resolved in the first book. However, a mysterious stranger has moved into town looking to “research” the possibility of whether or not werewolves exist. And much to Maggie’s dismay the multiple PHD, Star Trek loving, Zoo Anthropologist looks like a yummy Viking and smells like Turkey Dinner! Nick’s determination to prove that werewolves are real threatens to undermine her family’s secrets but her mating instincts keep pulling her toward him anyway. He is fascinated with her snarky personality, natural beauty and is equally drawn to her. Although she is determined to marry a wolf she is torn and Nick’s quirky nerd personality coupled with his rugged physique calls to her as no one else has before. Nick refuses to be sidetracked by Maggie’s multiple werewolf suitors and his charm is hard for her to overlook. As if that isn’t enough to drive her nuts strange “accidents” start happening around the valley and Nick always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time proving that keeping her secret and protecting her pack is going to be very hard. Given Maggie’s act first, bite, tear, stomp and then ask questions later history it’s a fun ride watching her learn to have to work out her issues. Can she trust Nick with her secret? Who is attacking the pack lands? Are they trying to remove her as Alpha or is the pack itself in danger? With the help of her fabulous supporting cast of wacky werewolves there is never a dull moment or lack of humor. Cooper, Mo and Kara from the first book play roles in this book. But the addition of her cousin Sampson and the rest of the pack really make this book fresh and not just more of the same. If you prefer a new “couple” in each book then this is the Molly Harper series for you. If you prefer following a character/couple over a series then check out last Monday’s blog on Ms. Harper’s other series. Regardless, if humor and a fun easy flowing plot is your thing you can’t go wrong with either series. These aren’t so much as steamy but more of a fun ride. I listened to both of these on audio and Amanda Ronconi did an excellent job. I give this one four chocolate dipped strawberries!

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