Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf - Molly Harper

What a fun and entertaining read! How can you resist a title like this one? I actually listened to the audio book and kudos to the narrator. This was a great way to endure my beltway commutes – Molly Harper is witty and the story is crammed with hilarity and wonderful characters you just can't help but love. Not to mention the great one liners. “Abner forgot our safeword last night” and “Mighty Morphin Power Penis”...I am still laughing!

Mo is a funny, sarcastic and sassy southern gal from Mississippi. She'd have to be, to have survived childhood with her given name. She has had enough of her hippy parents and their constant interference in her life, especially her mom, who is always showing up uninvited to rid her house of unrefined sugars and processed meats and decides to put as much distance from them as she can and still stay in the county. So without telling them she moves to Grundy Alaska.

Mo quickly begins to feel right at home after finding a job at the local diner/saloon and making friends with most of the locals, with one exception – Cooper. Cooper may treat her with hostility much of the time, but Mo begins to see some similarities between him and the giant wolf who has saved her life and continues to watch over her. Her suspicions that Cooper is a werewolf are eventually proven true when she finds the gorgeous surly man on her porch one night, naked, with a bear trap around his ankle. Mo accepts the werewolf thing surprisingly easy - a big thanks to mom and dad for the untraditional upbringing! In spite of the tension between them, they eventually fall in love. Their love story is complicated by several area murders and attacks. People are being killed by a rogue wolf, and no one has been able to catch the animal. Cooper doesn’t remember his actions while he is in wolf form, so he considers himself a suspect in the attacks. Is Cooper a killer? And if it isn’t Cooper, then who is responsible?

This book was fun all the way through - I love Harpers sense of humor. I give How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf 4 chocolate dipped strawberries.

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