Monday, January 30, 2012

Overlord's Chosen

Overlord’s Chosen A Dark Destinies Story by Bronwyn Green
So, it’s January, the post holiday, New Year’s resolution honeymoon period (we still think we will keep them J) which can mean only one thing… It’s time for my annual “let’s work out for a few weeks and pretend we are going to lose weight” saga. Let’s see, do I have everything? New workout clothes from TJ Maxx? Check. New Treadmill? Check. Good book that can get you out of bed at 6:15 a.m.??

Well, with Bronwyn Green’s Dark Destinies Stories, that is a Check Plus. You will actually look forward to rising and shining to find out what is happening with these characters.

To be honest, I did not have great expectations. Maybe, it is just post holiday doldrums, but some of the novellas and books we had read recently had more sex scenes than story in them. Call me crazy, but I am still a girl who likes a good story. If I don’t care about you as a character, I couldn’t care less how much action you are getting. Happily, I was not disappointed by Overlord’s Chosen and could tell by the First Chapter that I was really going to connect with these characters. The story evolves around Micah, the very hot new Overlord of Maelgwn, whom the Guardians dictated would mate Elizabeth, a young village woman and the female heroine. Did I mentioned the hot Overload has long black braids? I envision a kind of a Khal Drogo meets the Highlander vibe. Their love story is very believable both on an emotional and physical level. In addition, the world and culture of Maelgwn where they live is very interesting, It is a male dominated world where some are gifted with magical gifts, but if a female is found to have magic, she is put to death. Poor Elizabeth had to live through the trauma of seeing her own mother burned alive because she had magical abilities. Understandably, that experience leads her to be distrustful, but in the end she learns to trust Micah and their love. The secondary characters and history of Maelgwn also pull you in and I am looking forward to reading about other characters in this world.

So, four chocolate covered strawberries and a big thank you to Ms. Green for helping me keep my resolutions (at least for another few weeks anyway!)

Cat Devon
This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.

With thanks from our guest blogger, author Bronwyn Green, one lucky commenter WINS the first two books in the Dark Destinies series. Tell us who your favorite HERO is from Dark Destinies series... is it Micah or Asher? Or tell us which HERO you can't wait to read about... is it Joseph or Colin? 

Commenters from any day this week (allowed to comment once every day January 30-Feb 2 for five chances to WIN) will be entered in the contest. Must be an indulgent follower to WIN.

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