Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Rent Boy Murders

The Rent Boy Murders, John Simpson & Robert Cummings, Dreamspinner Press

The latest entry in John Simpson’s popular gay cop series that began with Murder Most Gay partners Simpson with coauthor Robert Cummings and finds policemen Hank Capstone and Pat St. James on the trail of a serial killer who targets young male hustlers.

While Hank and Pat are very happy with their home lives and their husbands, the police work has become more perilous and unpleasant. Though Hank and Shawn, along with Pat and Dean, enjoy a weekend at Gay Pride in New York City, they know their investigation into the brutal murders of rent boys will be waiting when they return home. Along with trying to investigate the murders, they must also deal with Pat’s old training officer who is now working in the detective bureau. Blinded by ambition and alcoholism, Flanders wreaks havoc on an otherwise solid case against the killer.

When their sergeant’s gay nephew, Clay, is lured into a meeting, then drugged and raped, the sergeant asks for Hank and Pat’s help. Clay is reluctant to talk to the cops, but Hank and Pat will need to gain his trust once they discover his attack may hold clues to catching the killer and closing the case that a dozen other detectives are trying to solve.

This is the fourth book in the Murder Most Gay series and the first where John Simpson had a writing partner. I enjoy this series and was concerned that the voice of the book might be different with the addition of a writing partner, but I have to say that fear was unfounded and I very much enjoyed this book in the series. This is once again a perfect blend of a gritty police drama with just the right amount of romance and personal relationship development.

Work partners and friends Pat St.James and Hank Capstone have been promoted to detectives and things couldn't be going better in their personal lives either. Both men are in happy committed relationships with the men they love and their careers are taking off.

When rent boys start showing up murdered in the park the new detectives are eager to do their part in bringing this psycho to justice. While the investigation is ongoing Hank and Pat must also deal with with a blast from their past in the homophobic, and alcoholic Sgt. Flanders, who doesn't want to help anyone but himself. Throw in a counterfeit credit card ring, a bank robbery and a trip to New York for Gay Pride and you will understand why this book is almost impossible to put down.

It was great to reconnect with these character's the storytelling and mystery get stronger with each book. This book will appeal to anyone who likes mysteries, crime dramas and romance and I would recommend the whole series. So if you like your your books, smart and sexy, gritty and personal....well then,here you go.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.

This book was given to us by NetGalley. Many thanks.
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