Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday with Sid: FILLIN' CHET

Saturday with Sid... like Tuesday with Morrie but with More Kink
Chet Swearingen had a privileged childhood, but now that he's on his own in college, he's trying to break away from what's expected of him and live a little. He doesn't dare rebel against his parents too much -- they still pay his rent, and the Lexus he drives is in their name. But their plans for his life after school don't mesh with what he wants to do, so he stays in college hoping to avoid a job like his father's.
Scott Harris was the kind of guy Chet had always wanted and never thought he’d actually have. He's rough around the edges, heavily inked, and works as a tattoo artist in one of the most heavily tattooed cities in the U.S. What Chet doesn't quite understand is the appeal he might offer to a guy like Scott.
Other than the obvious -- frequent booty calls for sex.
When Scott texts Chet and asks him to stop by the tattoo parlor after hours, Chet assumes it's just to hook up. But Scott's just as interested in filling in the tattoo on Chet's back as he is in filling Chet. 

J.M Snyder rocks my stripey socks y’all!  I’m normally not a huge fan of super short stories because I feel like I can’t really get invested in the characters in such a short time.  Fillin’ Chet is not so!  JM manages to cram a whole budding relationship in a few pages and still it doesn’t leave you feeling shortchanged.  Plus, there’s some serious kinky tattoo sex.  How’d you know I did the tatted up boys JM Snyder?  For a quick read on your lunch break, pick up Fillin’ Chet and get your fill!  You might need a hankie to wipe your brow though, because it gets a little hot and bothered at the end. As for me, I’m going to pick out a tat on my lunch break… or maybe I'll just enjoy this hot as hell tat photo...

3 ½ strawberries dipped in chocolate.  Bang!

If you want to PURCHASE this short EBOOK, 
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This book was given to us by JMS Books.
Many thanks from SID, y'all.
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