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Ty's Obsession

Ty's Obsession
The third book in the Whispering Pines series by SJD Peterson brings everything together and ties it neatly with a bow. Lorcan, Quinn, and now Ty have forged their path to happiness and what a crazy emotional journey it was. Ty’s Obsession is not an easy read – it’s a deeply emotional read about a man healing, broken and rising from the past. With beautiful narrative, SJD Peterson brings readers another beautifully crafted love story.

As in both other books in this series (read them first, by the way – it’s just not the same if you don’t), SJD Peterson shows readers realistic love – not the glossed-over-all smiles kind – that you feel so deep in your heart it hurts.  My heart actually hurt when Ty says “You think you're the first person to walk away from me?” Every page, every word, every scene is wrought with intensity, desire, and of course in the end, love.
Ty has come from a terrible place having been abused by his last Dom and he thought he found someone who might truly love him in Quinn. But now with Quinn back together with Lorcan, Ty is left to pick up the pieces.  His anger and pain is palpable and in his mind, Lorcan is to blame for that pain because if he never came back, Quinn would still be with Ty. As his anger builds, Ty develops an obsession with ridding himself, and Quinn, of Lorcan. At first, his threats and scare tactics seem to work. He sees the doubt in Lorcan but then Quinn always come to the rescue which causes even greater despair for Ty whose never been cared for in that way. And in progressive escalation, his obsession grows.

The changing point occurs when Blake Henderson catches Ty watching Quinn and Lorcan from afar. Blake has an idea just what Ty is up to.  A Dom himself, he easily senses Ty’s inner struggle and anger.  He sees just how it threatens to make Ty do something he may regret. And he knows he can heal Ty, confident he can give Ty what he truly needs. Blake’s simple offer – one week as his submissive – turns Ty’s life around. The erotically charged bdsm scenes build upon the trust and healing Ty is undergoing and is both beautifully executed as well as necessary to the story.

At its foundation, this book is about two men struck hard by losses they’ve endured in their lives and their final chance to find healing. Even though Blake enters the relationship – this one week – his solid, commanding confidence is only a fa├žade.  As he gives Ty what he needs to release his emotion and heal, readers discover the healing Blake needs for himself. SJD Peterson’s ability to portray such deep pain, layered by a rich history and emotional upheavals, within her characters is masterful. SJD Peterson’s books are always an emotional journey with characters depicted with all the realism of any human being. You won’t forget this book, these men, and their stories – read the series and see for yourself.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries 
This book was given to us by NetGalley. Many thanks.

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