Thursday, May 10, 2012

Of Dark and Bright

I waited and waited... and finally its here for me to read... and review for you. Tyra (and every other m/m romance lover too), you MUST READ THIS SERIES.

Of Dark and Bright is Kate Sherwood’s third full book in her series following the triad of Dan (the horse trainer), Evan (the millionaire) and Jeff (the artist). They couldn’t be more different but together, they fit. And it is amazing Sherwood can craft such an interesting story when these characters have already been the focus of two other books. Surrounded by a multi-dimensional cast of characters, they continue to work towards their happily-ever-after. Yet there always seems to be something to challenge them and while it certainly isn’t easy, these three men genuinely care for each other.

After living happily for the past two years, Dan, Evan and Jeff still have their problems. It’s more often between Dan and Evan with Jeff playing intermediary and even more often, their arguments converting into sexual tension. Beware: crazy hot sex scenes abound. Readers see the complexities of a triad relationship while also experiencing the benefits. This time around, the trouble comes in the form of Dan’s long-lost sister Krista, now seven months pregnant and a wanted criminal, who is seeking Dan’s help. With the aid of an entourage of lawyers, security and staff, they find a way to help her.

That’s when their lives get chaotic, so often the case when they try to solve their problems without working together. Dan is worried for his sister. Evan is worried about his own sister’s safety. And Jeff is dealing with health issues he’s trying to keep quiet. Watching them sludge their way through all these issues is gritty and real and completely compelling.

While depicting the unique connections within each pairing, Sherwood also carefully maintains the character’s true personalities and integrity. This comes into play more in this book than ever before. The men hope to raise Krista’s baby but the difference in approach between Evan and Dan just may be the one obstacle on which the two cannot find common ground… until the one very real crisis they fear most comes true and everything becomes clear.

Of Dark and Bright is another complex story that kept me unsure of the outcome until the very last pages, never really certain what was going to happen next. The focus of the story was firmly placed on their relationship with a well-developed plot. These men feel like family to me now – I get them, don’t like everything about them but love them just the same. I’d say that makes for a perfect read.

5 chocolate-dipped strawberries

QUICK POST NOTE: You must read Dark Horse and Out of the Darkness before reading Of Dark and Bright.

This book was given to us by the author in exchange for a fair review. Many thanks.

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  1. Good review, you've convinced me to add the first book to my TR list.


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