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GUEST POST: Kathleen Pickering

Going back to go forward . . .
Daniel Del Rio never could say no to Maria Santiago. So although their relationship is over, when she asks him to sail her to the Bahamas, he reluctantly agrees. She's convinced that revisiting the scene of her accident will restore her memory. If it does, then maybe he can finaly let go and move on with his life.

But moving on seems impossible when being in such close quarters reminds him of what they once had. Could their proximity be having the same effect on her? As he falls for Maria, Daniel realizes he has to confess his role in the accident...even if that confession could cost him a second chance with her.


Daniel gently pulled Maria to the helm. He planted both her hands on the steering wheel, then stepped away.

Maria stood with her profile to him. She pushed her glasses onto the bridge of her nose in a nervous gesture.

He placed a hand over hers and moved the wheel, adjusting their heading. Then he moved closer, his chest pressing against her left arm. Her warm, sweet scent mixed with coconut sunscreen invaded his senses and his next thought flew out of his head.

Wanting to be closer, he moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her body. Together they moved the wheel. The heat from her skin blended with his, weaving some intoxicating thread around them. Did she feel the wind funneling through the sails and over their bodies?

Yeah, she did.

He indulged the luxury of closing his eyes to revel in her body heat and perfume. This moment was all too familiar...and Maria didn’t even know.


When All Else Fails, Return to Where It Began!

Sexy, sultry Maria Santiago is a celebrated South Florida artist who has become a recluse suffering from amnesia due to a boating accident that killed her twin and her mother. She is also unaware that Daniel Murphy del Rio, the yacht captain of her father's sailboat is not only her lover, but her fiance who has been waiting out a torturous year hoping Maria's memory would return. Instead, she ignores him at best, thinking he is a gold-digging employee shadowing her ailing father instead of leading a life of his own.

What Maria does not know is that Daniel is a celebrated world-cup sailboat racer. He is also the son of her father's best friend. Daniel halted his career and followed doctor's orders not to confuse Maria with facts she can not remember. Including her engagement to Daniel. Meanwhile, Daniel suffers with a secret of his own. The death of Maria's twin and her mother happened on his watch, while he was at the helm of a speed boat in the Abacos. Daniel believes that if Maria finally learns the truth, she will hate him and ultimately destroy any chance they have of recovering their love.

Daniel reluctantly agrees to take her for two reasons: One, he cannot refuse anything Maria asks of him. And, two, only a madman would walk away from the opportunity to have three weeks alone with the seductive Latina who not only stole his heart, but rocks his body like no woman he has ever known. Maria would not be suffering amnesia and nightmares if it wasn't for the mistake he made. It's his destiny to be ground zero when Maria recovers her memory and can only pray she has mercy on his heart and soul.

Where It Began is the first of four Harlequin Super Romances I'm slotted to write through 2014. They're all different but celebrate gutsy, sexy characters with strong wills and able bodies to get them through life's challenges. Love in real life. There's nothing finer.

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Kathleen Pickering is an award winning author of romance and women’s fiction. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America and attends conferences for her favorite activity of author networking. Kathleen contributes her time assisting author colleagues with their conferences and holds workshops on the craft, muse and business of writing.

Kathleen has two grown sons and loves to travel for fun and on-site research for her novels. She lives in south Florida, swims with dolphins and dances to any music that moves her. Her motto: Live, let live and write about it!

Here's where you can find Kathleen on the Internet:

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