Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The KGI Experience!!

Hello and Happy New Year!!! This is my first blog of 2013. So, one of my resolutions this year was to get caught up on some of the series that I started and have kind of let drop to the wayside. You know those series that you start and you keep buying the books but you keep putting off reading them...they get bumped down the TBR list?? Well I decided to start with the KGI series by Maya Banks(Midnight Breed series is next). She was our first feature author here on the site, we got lucky and the first book in this series The Darkest Hour was just releasing and it was the perfect fit for our fledgling review site. So I have immersed myself in all things Kelly Group International for the past week and I have to tell you it has been a very good week....

Shades of Gray, Maya Banks, Penguin  Group
KGI #6
P.J. and Cole were sharpshooting rivals on the same KGI team and enjoyed a spirited, uncomplicated camaraderie. Until the night they gave in to their desires and suddenly took their relationship one step further. In the aftermath of their one night stand, they’re called up on a mission that goes terribly wrong, and P.J. walks away from KGI, determined not to drag her teammates into the murky shadows she’s poised to delve into.
Six months later, Cole hasn’t given up his search for P.J., and he’s determined to bring her back home where she belongs. Bent on vengeance, P.J. is on a mission that will plunge her into a serpentine game of payback and make her question everything she’s ever believed in. Cole—and the rest of their team—refuse to let her go it alone. Even if it means sacrificing their loyalty to KGI and their very lives…

Let me start this review by saying that this book is not for the weak of heart, and if you have a hard time reading books that have scenes of violence against women then please proceed cautiously. Now, having said that, this book is very well written and was one of the best in the series for me.

P.J. is one of the guys and that's the way she likes it. She has worked hard to earn the respect of her fellow team members and doesn't want anything to jeopardize her spot on the team.

Cole is the joker and he loves nothing more than sparring verbally with P.J. But he has decided that it's time to try a little physical sparring of the sexual kind.

I was a P-Cole fan from the very beginning, the back and forth razzing to the incredible sexual chemistry, I was rooting for them from the get go. The first time they come together was fun and sexy and so believable. But the way that Cole cares for her later in the book is so touching and emotional. I found myself needing these two to find a way past all of the hurt because they deserved an HEA.

This series is not easy on it's heroines, and this book is no exception. P.J. goes to a dark place and it's not always easy to read. But it's also a story of survival and Ms. Banks is one of the best at writing strong, capable women. This book is fast paced with a lot of action and you better have your seat belt on for the emotional roller coaster ride that you are going to take. But it is so worth the price of admission!

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.
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