Thursday, March 28, 2013

13 Points about DELIVER ME FROM DARKNESS by Tes Hilaire

13 Points about DELIVER ME FROM DARKNESS by Tes Hilaire

1. Hot cover.

2. An intriguing new twist on Angels and Demons… not just the same old story retold.

3. A religious undertone woven into the background added solid dimension.

4. Action is a bit slow at times… I call it “first book syndrome” as a new world is introduced.

5. Suspenseful buildup helps the story along.

6. A dark edginess kept me immersed in their world.

7. An infusion of dry humor/ snarkiness lightened the sometimes too dark moments.

8. Incredibly strong heroine but just not enough love for this hopeless romantic.

9. Many, many different points of view written into the story.

10. A story of redemption that pulls on readers’ heartstrings.

11. The end battle was explosive.

12. I love when I’m surprised by how a book ends... this book definitely had a surprise ending.

13. The ending also sets you up nicely for the next book in the series (which you’ll want to pick up right away after reading this book!)

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.

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