Friday, May 3, 2013

From the Sea Friday

It's May it's May! Finally! I could have been in the tanning bed Wednesday but believe it or not I didn't go because the weather has been cold here. Last week was terrible but this week was a little better. My kids are ready for school to be over and so am I. I hate to let it show but I'm over all this lunch packing and homework stuff. My job is starting NEW summer hours so I'm anxious to see how this works out for me. Again this week I read a book recommended to me by my daughter. I realized last evening driving home from TKD as she was talking to me about how she is hooking her friends up with books to read that she is the Tyra of her group aka The Book Pimp. LOL

The Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

After a summer spent trying to prevent a catastrophic war among the Greek gods, Percy Jackson finds his seventh-grade school year unnervingly quiet. His biggest problem is dealing with his new friend, Tyson—a six-foot-three, mentally challenged homeless kid who follows Percy everywhere, making it hard for Percy to have any “normal” friends. But things don’t stay quiet for long. Percy soon discovers there is trouble at Camp Half-Blood: the magical borders which protect Half-Blood Hill have been poisoned by a mysterious enemy, and the only safe haven for demigods is on the verge of being overrun by mythological monsters. To save the camp, Percy needs the help of his best friend, Grover, who has been taken prisoner by the Cyclops Polyphemus on an island somewhere in the Sea of Monsters, the dangerous waters Greek heroes have sailed for millennia—only today, the Sea of Monsters goes by a new name…the Bermuda Triangle. Now Percy and his friends—Grover, Annabeth, and Tyson—must retrieve the Golden Fleece from the Island of the Cyclopes by the end of the summer or Camp Half-Blood will be destroyed. But first, Percy will learn a stunning new secret about his family—one that makes him question whether being claimed as Poseidon’s son is an honor or simply a cruel joke.

When I read these books I realize that my day isn't nearly as bad as Percy's and being a regular teenager can be a challenge on a good day. Again I so enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the movie this summer. I always enjoy a young adult book that teaches the moral to never give. This series also has something that my most favorite series ever (Harry!) has.... the bond between best friends:)

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