Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Humpday hello to Stacey Kennedy!

Greetings and salutations my humpday posse! I hope your May Day was spent enjoying the sunshine and spring flowers - I was trapped in the infernal hell of my dreary office (not really, I have an amazing view of the Massanutten peak and a pretty fountain soon be filled with baby ducklings) and nearly forgot to go out and smell the flowers!  Lilacs are blooming in my yard - gorgeous, simply gorgeous.   Now if that Lawn-Mower fairy would deliver my mower and gas can, I can teach the prodigal son to do something other than the Xbox!  At any rate, I am very thankful I have had some good reads this week since I work the weekend (and that is never, ever any fun!).  Next up is a sort-of new to me author - Stacey Kennedy.  Now I knew Ms. Kennedy could write erotic romance but paranormal?  You betcha!  Let us now pause for some appreciation of the kilty kind.....inspired by this story, eye candy is everyone's favorite calorie free treat!

Werewolves Be Damned, Stacey Kennedy 
Entangled Publishing, April 2013

Nexi Jones—part witch, part guardian, and wannabe kick-ass warrior—can't throw a punch or conjure the simplest magic. But that doesn't stop her from hunting the werewolves who slaughtered her human family. She'll have her revenge, but only if Kyden, the elite guardian, would get the hell out of her way.

Kyden can't decide if Nexi wants to get herself killed or if she just has no clue what she's doing. But her father made it clear: keep Nexi safe...or else. Of course, the more Nexi runs toward revenge, the more she needs Kyden's aid, and as she grows into her power and confidence, so does his desire to protect her. The only problem? She'd rather he dropped dead.

But when a vampire paints a bull's-eye on Nexi's back, she's hard-pressed to deny Kyden and the help he's offering. Even if it means getting her revenge will be a little bit harder. At least it will still be as sweet.

Stacey Kennedy write erotic romance like nobody's business - all the juicy-alpha-male-and-flawed-female-who-verbally-spar-and-sensually-war-their-way-into-love a reader can handle!  But honestly, I was surprised to find she wrote paranormal romance as well.  The series, Magic and Mayhem, was an instant hook - who doesn't love the premise of sassy humans entering the world of magical creatures and the wackiness that will inevitably ensue?  Interested?  But wait, there's more!

Werewolves Be Damned brings the reader smack dab into the Otherworld with Nexi's brutal witnessing of her parents murder.  No need to pussyfoot about with backstory, just jump in with two feet.  And it works beautifully.  As self professed first book in a series hater, this proved to be one of those rare gems that has that magical blend of creative storyline, snarky dialogue and perfect pace.  The writing style is bold, casual and quirky at times but the characters grab you from the outset and the reader becomes immersed and invested in the story immediately.  

Kayden makes for one delish alpha hero - he knows how to push and when to back off!   Oh, and did I mention the leather kilt he sports as a uniform....shirtless....all the time?  Nexi just plain rocks - yes, she is clueless at first, not really a human but having no idea she's half witch, half Guardian.  She self doubts and struggles with her training, but she ends up amazingly self aware and her learning process shows she is no wilting flower.  I am sure her leather kilt is cool too, but I am still imagining Kayden's.  The secondary characters are every bit as interesting and Kennedy develops enough depth in them that the reader will want every one of their tales as well.  Witches, Werewolves and that's Magic and Mayhem!

There's enough action and intrigue for those who prefer a grittier urban fantasy and plenty of sizzling chemistry in the bedroom/hallways/kitchens, etc for those who lean toward erotic romance.  Throw in fangs, fur and a big sword and you have the base ingredients for this tasty treat!  With a creative take on classic creatures, a solid storyline and great characters and dialogue, Werewolves Be Damned should definitely find a spot on your TBR list if you are a fan of paranormal romance.
RATING: Four Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries This book was given to us by the author for an unbiased review. Many thanks.
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