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Hunky Day No. Three @JenniferSnow18 #REVIEW #HUNKYDAYS

Happiest of Holiday Wishes from our Guilty Indulgence family to you and yours! As the madness of the holiday season is upon us - we want to thank you for taking a break from your busy schedules to celebrate our Fourth Annual Happy Hunky Days with us.  After a year of ups and downs, isn't it great to take the time to foster those guilty indulgences that make it all just a little bit easier. Hopefully you will find a great read, possibly win some great prizes and definitely enjoy some ho-ho-hot eye candy!  May your days be filled with friends and family and, of course, fabulous reads to revive and relax!

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The Trouble with Mistletoe, Jennifer Snow

Harlequin Heartwarming, November 2013

You can't say no to a mistletoe kiss, no matter who's under it!

Since leaving Brookhollow and her fiancé, Luke Dawson, twelve years earlier, Victoria Mason hasn't looked back. She's traded the small-town dream of marriage, kids and family Christmas dinners for late nights working at a high-powered acquisitions firm, lunches at trendy New York restaurants and jet-set vacations on the slopes.

So her latest work assignment, to acquire Brookhollow's sporting-goods store, poses a challenge for Victoria, in more ways than one. Because it's almost Christmas, and she's got other holiday plans. And the owner is reluctant to sell. And the owner is Luke. She needs to wrap up the deal before she gets caught up in her old life and her old love…or becomes trapped under the mistletoe. Again.


No matter what your usual reading pleasure, there's something to be said for a classic holiday romance to get you in the Christmas spirit!  Jennifer Snow unpacks a hauntingly familiar holiday theme and gives it some jazz and sex appeal to create a thoroughly enjoyable romantic adventure.  The Trouble with Mistletoe delivers that feel-good Christmas vibe like festive wrapping paper around a well written story about a tightly wound corporate woman and one sexy hot former flame.  What is there not to love about Luke Dawson?!

Victoria Mason lives the perfect city life - the dream job, the tiny apartment, the glories of skype and text dating.  Her former fiance, Luke Dawson, revels in his country roots - renovating their once dream home, running his own successful business as well as the local sporting goods store.  Once childhood sweethearts, the pair are reunited when Victoria must convince Luke to sell out his store.  Not that she has it easy, since a) she jilted him just before their wedding over a decade before, b) he despises the thought of allowing a big corporation to take over a town landmark and c) he still loves her.  

What's a girl to do when the man of her dreams doesn't jive with the career of her dreams?  Forced to confront her past and reconsider her future, Victoria has enough on her plate without her family, her home town and mother nature all conspiring against her.  Add in attics filled with romantic mementos, a bachelor auction and spiked eggnog and you have the makings of the kind of romance that makes a reader giggle and sigh.  Forget the laundry or the dishes, you have a date with a warm cup of cocoa and The Trouble with Mistletoe!

RATING: Four Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and look forward to more Brookhollow stories from this intriguing new author! This book was given to us by the author for an unbiased review. Many thanks.

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