Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump Day - The Calm before the Storm

Howdy hump day posse! Can I just say I am not ready for the next couple weeks - two back to back three day weekends sounds like heaven but they are really just a bit too much family togetherness for this blogger gal! A big event for dad, a wedding for baby bro, and I am pretty sure there isnt enough alcohol....or something like that. Mostly I am freaked because it means a loooong time away from my gal pals - too much alone time means lots of books read but I get a little loopy without my peeps! I know what will help - an eye candy fix! Try this....Mmmmmmm.

In honor of the Virginia State Bar Annual Meeting this weekend in Virginia Beach, I thought I'd bring you a little legal thriller for summer!

Cops and lawyers generally mix like oil and vinegar. Not so in the new romantic suspense ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND LAW. This new romantic suspense stops just short of a battle of the sexes when Chicagoland heats up, pitting hot shot defense attorney C.J. Demarco against newly appointed police captain Patrick Sullivan. Authors K.M. Daughters tease the reader with building sexual tension during the sometimes frustrating courtship of two people previously spurned in trust and love.

Pat Sullivan's interest is piqued by the violet-eyed beauty singing on stage while taking his twin nieces to a local amusement park. The following day, she turns out to be the courtroom shark ripping his detective apart on the stand. Unable to let it go, they wage battle over beers and darts while the sexy tension builds until it threatens to consume them both.

Pat and Charlie both know their fair share of loss and pain. On the heels of losing his brother and brother-in-law, Pat struggles to keep the police force afloat and his large and loving family supported as they deserve. Charlie, having recently transplanted to Chicago from the East Coast after a disastrous relationship, fears love again and clings to her two constants: her twin and her work. Her work often clashes with his and, as the manhunt for a killer escalates, could imperil those they love.

With characters that have depth and substance and a well-crafted storyline, authors K. M. Daughters create an enjoyable suspense tale with enough romance for the reader to stop, pause and sigh contentedly. Book four in the Sullivan Boys series, ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND LAW finds the proverbial scales stacked in favor of both romance and justice.

I given this legal thriller a cool four chocolate dipped strawberries and a gavel: this case is adjourned - go read and enjoy!

This review was previously written for The Romance Reviews.
The Romance Review
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