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Ndulgent Betas & Proofreading Services
We are thrilled to use our skills and provide authors with a service to make their books shine!

Beta reading
We go through your manuscript focused on story structure, plot arc, continuity, consistency, conflict, and dialogue. We will offer honest critique, identify potential problems, and provide possible solutions through Microsoft Word Tracking. This is not a substitute for a full edit or proofread.

Novellette (up to 20K words): $75.00
Novella (up to 40K words): $125.00
Novel (up to 60K words): $200.00
Novel (up to 100K words): $250.00

We go through your manuscript solely focused on grammar, punctuation, diction, tense, and word choice. We will make corrections using Microsoft Word Tracking.

Novellette (up to 20K words): $100.00
Novella (up to 40K words): $150.00
Novel (up to 60K words): $225.00
Novel (up to 100K words): $275.00

We each focus on one project per week. Times may vary depending on manuscript length.

If you are interested, send an email to: NdulgentBloggrs@gmail.com with the subject header NDULGENT BETAS. Include the book's genre, length, special issues and your required timeline. We'll contact you back within 48 hours with our availability.

We accept payment via PayPal. A 50% deposit is required before we begin work. You will be invoiced the remaining 50% when our work is complete.

We've been beta-reading and reviewing for over a decade. Combined, our experience tops 60 years and 8000 books! We have diverse qualifications, and divide projects based on fit. One of us was an editor once upon a time. Two of us have English degrees. We've worked as copy editors on several projects and served as proofreaders on several others. Our expertise is in the romance genre, any subgenre.

With our diverse backgrounds, we can also address any sensitivity issues, including depression, panic attacks, social anxiety disorders, sexual assault, chronic illness, domestic abuse, eating disorders, gay or bisexual lifestyle.

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  1. Hello,

    Just letting you know that your review form says it's not longer accepting submissions and to contact the owner. Would love to submit a book for review.


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