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BOOK TOUR: Blood Betrayed

Blood Betrayed

A Sons of Navarus Novel

by Gabrielle Bisset

I am everything forbidden. I am vampire.

Haunted by betrayal, Saint hides in the human world, giving his heart to no one and finding the only solace from his past in the arms of human women. Now as the Archons begin their takeover of the vampire world, this Son of Navarus has been marked for death. 

Summoned to defeat the Archons by the world that shunned him, Saint must face his past and Solenne, the woman he loved and lost a century ago, for only in accepting her will his body and soul finally find salvation. 

Looking around the eighteenth century French country house, Saint saw that little had changed since the last time he'd been there. Expensively furnished, Solenne's home had been some important sire's until she'd decided that the French countryside offered little of the excitement an ancient vampire craved. At least that was the story Solenne had told. Who knew if it were true.
As he stared up at the crystal chandelier above his head, he said what he wished would be the last words he'd have to say to her. "Just tell me where my room is and where I can work out."Solenne stood staring at him, and he felt her eyes boring holes through him.
"Saint, I'd hoped we could put the past behind us to work together. Can we at least talk?"
He lowered his gaze to meet hers and saw ocean blue eyes wide with hope staring back at him. That she could think that giving him some doe-eyed look and meaningless words would be enough to erase everything that had happened only made him more enraged about the situation.
"I'm not interested in talking or taking some stroll down memory lane. Just point me to my room and where I can work out."
The fiery look that instantly filled her eyes showed she was the same Solenne from all those years ago. He knew that oh-so-helpful woman from Vasilije's was just an act.
"It doesn't have to be like this. I'd hoped you'd be a bigger man and see how we could work together. I see you're the same man you've always been, unfortunately."
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AUTHOR Bio and Links
Gabrielle Bisset spends her days teaching college students American and European history, but by night she's an erotic romance author.  Her first book, Stolen Destiny, was released by Siren Publishing in June 2011, and since then she's released the novellas of The Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy--Vampire Dreams, Love's Master, and Masquerade--in addition to Destiny Redeemed.  In December 2011, she released Blood Avenged, the first book in the Sons of Navarus series about eight vampires who must protect their world against an enemy that travels among their kind.  Blood Betrayed is the second book in the series. She lives in Pennsylvania with her teenage son and a herd of pets. 

Gabrielle tells all...

For me, my guilty indulgence is perfume. My sense of smell has always been heightened in comparison to other people, so I guess it's only natural I'm in love with perfume. It's the first thing I put on even before I fully dress. I feel naked without it. I don't know when I fell in love with fragrance, but I love it! 

I always go to the fragrance section of department stores first to smell the new perfumes. I don't care much about the bottles or giveaways. I just love the smell. I've been known to have to walk around with a headache for  hours after a trip to the mall because I've sniffed so many bottles.

I have different perfumes for different times of year and different moods. My favorite is Chanel Allure. I can wear that all year round and in every mood. It's so soft and sexy, and it never fails to get me compliments when I wear it. I just adore the smell of it. But other times I want a little change. Then I have my Jimmy Choo, which I also love.  It's still soft like Allure, but it has something different to its base from the floral Allure. 

Then I have perfumes that I only wear when it's cold outside. I live in Pennsylvania, so unfortunately, that's around five to six months a year. For those colder months, I have Armani Idole or Calvin Klein Euphoria. Much stronger than my other perfumes, they can be overpowering in the warmth of spring or summer, but on a chilly fall night, they're delicious. 

Sometimes I'm feeling playful, so I'll wear Vera Wang Lovestruck or even my Dream Angels Forever. Those aren't for work or anything professional but for just hanging around the house. Even then, I wear some kind of fragrance. 

For me, perfume is like shoes. I don't own just one pair of shoes, so why would I only have one fragrance?  And it's not just fragrance for me. Men's cologne is so sexy too. I love a good looking man who smells good.  It's the cherry on top of the cake when a man looks AND smells good. 

So there you have it—my guilty indulgence. After years of being a tomboy growing up, now I'm an erotic romance author and all female when it comes to my perfumes. Other women can have shoes, chocolate, and all the rest of those guilty pleasures. I'll take fragrance any day. 

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Twitter:  @gabriellebisset!/gabriellebisset

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