Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hump day mello hello!

Well hello there! Somehow this week has managed to creep by and yet kick my ass! Struggling with a back injury still kind of stinks - good news, my drive to read has not conked out! Yay! And there have been some fabulous things to read out there - but let me say, I am not entirely consumed by the written word. I too enjoyed the pretty shiny that was THOR this weekend (just dont ask me about plot or acting capabilities - I was waaaaay too distracted by the lack of shirts on that yummy Aussie....) So, because you have been good and I know I have been good (or at least haven't gotten into trouble this week....) here is our treat - eye candy! Delish!

As for this week's read - a treat from Loose ID press, one of our favorite e-pub houses.

Where the Heart Is, Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban, Loose ID

What could be better than two best friends becoming lovers? That could make sparks fly. What about when three best friends become lovers – fireworks and dreams come true! WHERE THE HEART IS looks at the fear that holds three men back from pursuing what they want most – each other.

Steve, Chris and Jason have been best friends forever, literally. They have seen each other through adolescence, college and adulthood. The death of Jason's parents cemented their bond, creating the tradition of their annual Thanksgiving ski pilgrimages as a way to thwart the holiday blues and reaffirm their steadfast love and support for each other.

Too afraid to act on his feelings for his best friends, Steve dabbles with the idea of leaving Arizona and taking a job in Colorado and announces his plans after they arrive. Rocked by this new, the men quarrel and separate to lick their wounds – each having to arrive at the same conclusion, that they all need and want to be together.

When the power goes out up in their cabin, things finally heat up. Connecting first in pairs and finally together, the three men discover passion combined with friendship is a winning combination. Authors Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban have captured the strength of three unique men, all comfortable in their sexuality but in professions that more than likely require some censorship of their activities (one is a cop, another is a high school teacher, the third a freelance photographer). The transition from a friendship to a sexual relationship has its awkward moments and for that reason felt very realistic. Peppering the story are elements exploring some D/s which adds another layer of intensity.

The snow, the season and three hot men – what more does a story need? More than just an erotic ride, WHERE THE HEART IS, takes the reader through an emotional journey where love has the power to heal those cracks in the soul. Ms Silver and Ms Urban have generated a worthwhile read in which to indulge.

This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews.
The Romance Review
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