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Happy Hunky Days #6

DAY SIX...Happy Hunky-Days!

Happiest of Holidays from the Guilty Indulgence Book Club. We are pleased to be with you every day and hope you will all join us for our 3rd annual Happy Hunky-days - Twelve fun filled days of Christmas where we treat you with gifts of joy and happiness (aka free books and very yummy eye candy!). All good readers who comment will get a chance to win some really great e-books from our featured authors! Seriously, you can even be quite naughty and still get free books - just remember to register and comment!  

Ahem!  Today, we have TWO holiday treats from author, Raven McAllan who fills this year's stockings by the fire full of spanky goodness - with tales from the past and present!  I highly encourage readers to check out her full listing on the Breathless Press webpage or use the BUY LINKS provided!  


The Perfect Gift

Judith has the perfect present for Stephen—herself. Will he accept, or decline her gift?

Lady Judith Gresham had been in love with Stephen, Viscount Pelham for years.

Stephen eleven years her elder, treated her purely as one of his sisters friends; he was too old in years and deeds for such a young innocent. As his sister, was now happily married, there was no longer any reason to see her.

Even to himself he wouldn't admit he missed her.

So when his sister and her new husband decided to have a Christmas house party, and illness causes them to beg to use his home, he agreed. Even when he heard Judith was to be one of the guests he wasn't really worried, he would keep to himself, enjoy Maria Mallins, his long married mistress, and treat Judith with distant benevolence.

However Judith and his sister had other ideas.

Part of the Ladies of London series (#3), The Perfect Gift delivers a tantalizing taste of historical BDSM.  A novella in length, this quick read grabs readers by the hand and pulls them into the sights and sounds of a Victorian holiday house party - complete with rambling halls and secret rooms. At times the dialogue feels a little contrived, but the clever storyline and likeable characters keep things on track.  The teasing by-play between Judith and Stephen as she tempts him into tutoring her in his unusual predilections builds to a crescendo in his tower lair.  By the end, the story felt a bit rushed and perhaps it was just that Stephen, Amanda and even little Kitty had more to say than the brevity of this piece allowed.

I give The Perfect Gift 3 chocolate dipped strawberries!


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Deck Mac Hall

For ten years Mac had trained to understand the sort of Dom he is. Now he must explain himself to Holly and hope it's what she wants.

Holly has lusted after Mac for years, so when he suddenly announces this Christmas is the right time, she is determined to see it through.

Mac is a man of extreme tastes, and he's not all sure that Holly can be the sub he needs. He has prepared for this time for years.

Will all this preparation bear fruit, or is little Holly going to run away screaming? There's only one way to find out.

Holly Winters has had a thing for Mac Hall forever. He's put her off and given her time to decide if she wants to explore his lifestyle. As the bell tolls at midnight on Christmas eve - her 28th birthday arrives and Holly's  time is up.  The question remains - is she up for what she suspects he's about to dish out?

Mac is a solid Dom character, although his training is referenced and his place is kitted out with all the various and sundry equipment, it appears that in many ways he is a virgin to a full lifestyle commitment.  He pours his heart out in a letter and woos from afar over the years with gifts and toys that spark her desire and imagination.  Holly's character is fun and full of life - extremely relatable in her long term committed yen for this one man.  The fact that she wants to jump him every moment and can barely focus on the Tell portion of his Show and Tell explanation becomes quite humorous.

McAllan gently delivers the reader to the doorstep of her Dom and fulfills on her promise of the start of a promising relationship.  Sexy, humorous and downright statically charged - Deck Mac Hall delivers a big cup of steamy holiday cheer!

I give Deck Mac Hall four chocolate dipped strawberries!!!!


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