Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Together in Electric Dreams by Geoffrey Knight

Starting Friday is our 3rd Annual 12 Hunky Days of Christmas. So today I have an extra treat for you!

Together in Electric Dreams, Geoffrey Knight, MRL Press
Bailey Baxter's only Christmas Wish was wishing that Christmas would go away! Not that this handsome, kind, young man was ever mean or angry, he was simply busy—pitching to clients and securing successful accounts for the ad agency at which he worked tirelessly.
So it's just as well that Bailey—unbeknownst to him—has someone making his Christmas Wishes for him.
And this year, on the eve of his biggest account—which happens to be Christmas Eve—this year's Christmas Wish comes in the form of a handsome electrician named Gabe, willing to do more than simply help Bailey put up his Christmas lights to please his elderly and eternally grateful neighbors.
Will Bailey let this Christmas race by him like all the others? Or will this racy Christmas be one to remember?

Can somebody please get me the number to Nick's Electrics??? What a sweet, sexy Christmas story.

Baily is like a lot of us in that he is rushing from one thing to the next and not taking the time to enjoy life. When the tenants in his building want to turn their fire escapes into a Christmas tree with lights, he just doesn't have the time to do it. At the last minute, he calls Nick's Electric's looking for some help. What he gets is sexy as sin Gabe and the lesson that life is to be savored and enjoyed, not rushed through.

This is a great Christmas read to help remind us to take the time and enjoy the holidays. And to be thankful for busybody neighbors! I will be looking for more books from Mr. Knight.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.
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