Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Playing With Three Equals Four Play

I am a big fan of Maya Banks and after reviewing her newest KGI book last month, I was anxiously awaiting the release of her anthology with Shayla Black. But after reading it, what I really want to know is when will they team up again? The combination of their erotic romance stories was electric.
I will admit to blushing at some parts so strongly recommend that only more adventurous readers who enjoy spicy over sweet indulge in this anthology. Others may want to try another book by either author instead (since I love their books, I’d say you couldn’t go wrong in choosing). Both stories involve one woman with three male partners – not for the faint of heart – and hence, the title Four Play.
In the first story by Maya Banks, Pillow Talk, Zoe is in a committed relationship with her sexy fireman Chase. During a little pillow talk, Chase and Zoe share their fantasies; then set out to live their fantasies. This is where their roommates, equally sexy firemen Brody and Tate, become involved because their fantasies involve voyeurism, multiple partners and other more risqué scenarios. But it gets complicated when the other men fall in love with Zoe and a new relationship needs to be defined.
In the second story by Shayla Black, Her Fantasy Men, Kelsey is secretly in love with her three closest male friends – her childhood friend, her dominating boss and her sexy neighbor. Little does Kelsey know that they each want her too. But since her fantasy includes them all, she knows a relationship with any of them will change her relationship with them all and still not fully satisfy her needs. That’s when they set out to seduce her and each succeeds on their own, leaving Kelsey feeling guilty because she cannot choose one over the others. Torn, Kelsey runs away rather than forcing herself to choose one of them. But her fantasy men work out a plan to share her heart… and her body.
Both stories were a delicious indulgence into erotic romance. They were also quick reads that were light-hearted, fun to read, engaging. While there were parts of both stories that were a bit disjointed, and even a little unbelievable, I enjoyed the overall stories enough to ignore the small stuff. WARNING: The sex and sexy dialogue was very graphic. But if you like erotic romance I’d consider this on the top list of reads.
In the erotic romance category, I would give this anthology 4 chocolate dipped strawberries.
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