Monday, February 28, 2011

The Reckoning

Just finished The Reckoning by James Byron Huggins. The plot was filled with (in my mind) a fabulously, sexy and somewhat dark & tortured hero. His past was filled with a large number of bodies from his time in the military, most recently in Black Light - a secret division that was extremely covert and used for nefarious reasons. The underlying goal of the leader of the Black Light division was seeking power; the ultimate power generated via evil. This book is filled with intrigue, love, excellent fighting scenes, a connection to Christianity along with a strong military theme. The story generally moved at a fairly good pace, but did get bogged down with a bit too many details. The writer also allowed the main character, Gage (what a strong name!), to talk to himself in his head…that really slowed the pace of action and got a bit tedious at times. Overall it was a well-written story. What's not to like about a sexy military guy that saves the girl? 3.5 chocolate covered strawberries

Review by Liz Frey
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