Friday, April 8, 2011

Family Friday

So much to read, so little time. That's been my case this week. I got two books going on and I hate when that happens. One involves a woman looking for her sister's killer and the other is the latest from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Both have strong ties to family and the importance of being there for one another. My favorite past time is spending time with my family and friends. Especially when the weather is nice and we're all out on the deck with good food and watching the kids run around. That's what I live for. We were blessed this week with a few days of wonderful weather. Only 22 more days till I get my yearly treat and head to the tanning bed.... and no I haven't figured out how to read while in there. I'm still working that one out. Meanwhile let's chat about Lover Unleashed....

Lover Unleashed by JR Ward
I must admit I'm surprised that we held off on blogging about the Brotherhood as long as we did. It's a series that we all love and probably one of the first ones we suggest to new readers. I'll admit, I wasn't a fan of the first book. I liked it but didn't see the big deal. After book two I was sold and ready to move to the Brotherhood mansion. I have read them religiously ever since. I looked forward to Phury's book in the series and was kinda bummed about it. It had alot of other stuff going on and didn't really focus on Phury. But I liked it all the same. This book seems to be heading in the same direction. Which isn't bad. I'll still enjoy it and begin waiting for the next in the series.

Here are a few of my thoughts. I loved V and Jane's story. Next to John Matthew and Xhex's it's my favorite. V spends most of his time being pissed at the world. He's a man he can't help it. LOL But I love him just the same. Man has his own tattoo kit gotta love that. Their issues took up a good chunk of the book. I knew Jane and V would be a big part of the story with V being Payne's twin and Jane and Manny's past. Manny was kinda the bad guy in V and Jane's book. He cared for Jane and was the third wheel there. Manny got his memories altered in their book and suffered the painful headaches and he got mind flashed again in this book. I feel kinda bad for him. He couldn't have moved on with his life if he wanted to. I also think Jane owed him an explanation about her disappearance. I mean they had the whole ride back to the mansion from the cemetery. All and all I'm glad Manny got his happily ever after. One of the minor threads in this story turned out to be my favorite. When I read it I didn't even catch it until they came right out and said it and it made me jump up off the bed and say holy cow! What is it you ask? It's when Butch called his old partner Jose De La Cruz to report a body he found. Didn't think anything about it but like I said jumped to my feet when De La Cruz said I know that voice. Well I feel that I should stop talking now!

All of us have blogged about the same book this week and I feel that after you read all of our blogs you will feel like you've already read the book and we don't want that! If you've never read any of the Brotherhood series you have to move it to the top of your list and read in order there are people out there that will hunt you down if you don't! LOL

I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries and a supply of candles. For some reason after reading this book I feel compelled to own more! P.S. Could someone please hook our girl Layla up?
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