Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bone Crossed

Bone Crossed, Patricia Briggs
Mercy Thompson is at it again. She’s managed to tick off the head of the local Vampire Seeth and quite a few other new and existing characters that ‘live’ in this story line. This particular tale winds through yet another adventure that is full of unique turns and ‘never saw it coming’ twists – including a vampire that runs an entire city with no help…he kills the help. Stefan, Mercy’s only vampire friend, plays a more integral role in this particular story; and I just love his dry sense of humor. The author continues to tease us with Adam and Mercy’s relationship and what might, should and could happen…while never giving enough to leave the reader fully satiated. It borders on cruel and unusual punishment, but the book is so well written that I just keep going back for more. As always, the outcome has some measure of predictability – but not fully so. It’s a must read in this series of 6 books. Five chocolate covered strawberries.

Review by Liz
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