Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Trifecta!

Trifecta brings a unique twist to the standard m/m story so typical in today’s romance books. The author took the lives of three men, created the conditions under which the reader cares for them and brought them together using a realistic approach. While there was an overabundance of exposition, sometimes more information than necessary, I still enjoyed watching their relationship develop at a slower pace as the characters each went through a series of personal revelations; each character having their own identity, their own unique careers and so different from the others that they felt like real people.
In the beginning, there was Mark & Alistair. Mark, a pilot, just recently left his marriage and came out of the closet for Alistair, a veterinarian. Mark is having a difficult time with his angry ex-wife and continues to keep his lifestyle quiet. Alistair tolerates this because he loves Mark and appreciates that Mark left his family to be with him. Though they love one another, Mark and Alistair have an open relationship because both are tops. Mostly done when Mark is out of town on one of his long flight trips, they seek sexual gratification from others while they find their intimate needs met in one another.
Now enter Tyler, a much younger man, and the tension ratchets up. When Mark is grounded for an ear infection and Alistair is the one out of town, Mark picks up Tyler at a local club, brings him back to their apartment, and has mind-blowing sex with him. The next day, happenstance brings Tyler, a horse trainer, to Alistair’s practice. As Tyler spends time each day at the practice, Alistair and Tyler start an affair without Mark being aware. Tyler is clearly different to both of them because they never hook up with the same person twice, leaving the reader to understand that Tyler means more to both of them than sex.
Tyler is a bit of a puzzle to me. He lies shrewdly, has obvious issues in his past, but is a smooth-talking gorgeous man most often noticed for his good looks. I can see why he might fall for Alistair and Mark but I don’t get what they see in him right away. Though Tyler is a caring, sweet guy that is endearing to me, there’s an educational disparity between him and the other two men that I just couldn’t work out myself. The author could’ve provided more direct examples of their intellectual attraction. Because he’s always been treated as just a piece of ass, Tyler believes that’s exactly how they see him but I could really see how he cares for them. His feelings for them, that nurturing side of him, won me over but I wanted to smack Mark and Alistair because no matter what they said, they were treating him like a piece of ass.
Overall the book was solid, steady (but not quick) moving and emotional as the author allowed her characters to go through a realistic relationship development. Though confusing at times, the plot was interesting and the characters likeable. I enjoyed the book.
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RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
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