Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whispers In The Night

Leap of Faith [The Moonlight Breed 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)I've stumbled upon Gabrielle Evans a few months ago and have really enjoyed her Moonlight Breed series (book one is pictured here because I think you must start with the first!). Just recently, I discovered she has a few others series which I've started reading as well. But nothing takes me home like her first series I read. So I wait eagerly for each to be released. And because she is so wonderful, she's shared with me as soon as they come out (in exchange for an honest review, of course) and I immediately sit down to read them. Let me know what you think of the books... I love to chat about the books I've read! Send me comment - I'll send one back.
Whispers In The Night is the third book in the Moonlight Breed Series by Gabrielle Evans. Evans continues to bring more men of the moonlight pack into focus while revisiting previous characters (that I love) in this m/m shifter love story. Elements of love, humor and suspense make for a great story as Talon and Jackson find their way to each other. Since both are part of the moonlight pack, this story is different from the other matings.
Jackson is kind and sweet – always one of my favorites throughout the other books. Understanding he is too young to claim when they first meet, Jackson keeps the secret and waits for his eighteenth birthday for Talon to claim him. Now twenty-one, he’s completely confused why Talon is still holding out. Evans adds her signature humor in a scene with Braxton and Keeton, two of her funniest characters, as they try to help Jackson cope.

Brooding and bad-tempered, Talon is one of the more “manly men” in their pack. Readers haven’t seen his soft and gentle side in previous books and it is a touching scene when we first see this side when he finally interacts with Jackson. But still he holds back out of fear over his rare genetic heart disease since claiming his mate means binding their life forces together, and he refuses to allow Jackson to suffer the same fate that awaits him. Still, full bonding or not, there are some classic Evans steamy sex scenes in this book. Readers following the series will not be disappointed.

The unique twists in this book are welcome. Readers will be kept guessing as each story evolves since the author so carefully creates unique storylines for each character and this is no exception. Just as the couple seems to be coming together, Jackson begins having dreams of the brother he left behind when he fled his birth pack. He knows he must help his brother but the troubles are far bigger than he can conquer. This is where Evans brings in those fabulous secondary characters to pull together again and gives us even more glimpses into her preternatural world, with undertones of a future event in their world that will have some big impact.

Whispers In The Night is another solid book. I adore this fabulously funny and loving family and can’t wait to read more. Since every book is building up the suspense over something looming ahead, readers will be hooked to the very end.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
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