Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday!

So this is what Friday looks like?? I think I like it and might have to wrestle it away from Kim. LOL Heading into the 4Th of July weekend and I was thinking about my grandfather last night, he is the person that took me to the library to get my first library card and started my love of books. I think he took me there because it was the one place I couldn't talk, but that's OK because thanks to him I fell in love with the worlds that other people could create and for that I will always be thankful. Also because of my grandfather who was a WWII vet and survivor of the Bataan Death March I have a great respect for all of the people who serve in the military and ensure our rights and freedoms. So take the time this weekend in between the hot dogs and cold beer and fireworks and remember those who volunteer to keep us safe.

This week has been dedicated to Elizabeth Amber and her hot and sexy Satyr's! Not only does she create a unique, beautifully descriptive world but does she not have THE BEST COVERS EVER!!!!! While these stories are scorching hot(keep a fire extinguisher handy)the love story at it's core is always the heart of the story. She can draw me into her world so completely I am always surprised when I close the book and realize I am still in Virginia not Rome. Don't forget to leave a comment we have several copies of Dane and Bastian that Ms. Amber graciously signed for us to give away.

Bastian, Elizabeth Amber, Aphrodisia, May 2011
Infamous for his archaeological finds in the Roman Forum and more highly sexed than most of his kind, Bastian is admired and envied. Yet he is tortured by visions.

Silvia has ties to the Vestal Virgins and seeks to use him to locate a powerful artifact. But she never expected or wanted to love him. For she cannot have him. Bastian belongs to her dearest friend.

I loved Silvia's character in this book, she's not something I have ever seen before. She's an Ephemeral which gives her the ability to enter a dying person's body and take over for a month. As a body hopper she fulfills the dying wish of her hosts as a thank you. The way Silvia and Bastian meet and fall in love is absolutely unique.

Bastian is tall dark and handsome but he is also flawed and that made him much more relateable for me. Being color blind I loved that only through Silvia is he able to see colors, and so he always knew her, no matter what form she came to him in once he realized she was the reason.

The friendship and love between Michaela and Silvia was so strong and pure that it broke my heart.

Ms. Amber once again creates a story that is so compelling that you just can't put it down. I can't wait to see where the next chapter in this intriguing tale takes us.
I give Bastian 5 chocolate dipped strawberries and a tall glass of ice water to cool you down!
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