Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Humpday - Hot, Hot, Hot!

How we feeling? Hot, Hot, Hot! Buster Poindexter knew how to make it groove in this kind of heat! As for me, not so hot, hot, hot! My vacation of bliss has been spent ferrying a sick child around all the metro Atlanta emergicares with one malady after another (Lyme disease followed by antibiotic reaction followed by strange unidentified rash requiring steroids!). Next year I am going to hide in my house - stay-cation here I come!!! (No seriously, I love visiting with my Southern friends, they are my other second family - my GI girls are my first second family!!!! Mwah!) Anyway, since I am a stress eater and cant afford to blimp out before Authors After Dark next month - how's about we all stick with some calorie free guilty indulgences? Eye candy!!! Mmmmmmmmm

Sarah Brookes, Blood Fever, Liquid Silver Books, July 2010

Sarah Brookes' Rebirth Series returns with book 2, BLOOD FEVER. Parts of this unique story feel hauntingly familiar as the reader realizes that much of this story occurs simultaneously with the events of book 1, Flash of Dark. Many of the events that seemed important but weren't fully explained become clear in this almost alternate view of events. Again, Ms Brookes draws the reader into her uniquely crafted world where vampires, humans and the Fae collide. BLOOD FEVER lifts the veil on the eagerly awaited story of the Tuatha de Danann High King, Quinn and the woman he has never forgotten, Evande.

Evande Austin, Vampire Elder, has been hiding in plain sight for centuries. Denying her nature, running from her past, until one night Evande makes a spontaneous decision to save a man dying from a vicious vampire attack in a New York City alley. Logan Hughes' rebirth as a vampire, a definitive crime in her world, sends Evande and her new creation back into the life of Quinn O'Brien.

Quinn hasn't seen his former love for fifty years, not since she abruptly left his ranch and failed to return. Together, the three must navigate the secrets and deceptions Evande has had to maintain to keep her friends safe and her heart safer. Only love that transcends time can save Evande from her past when it comes back for revenge, but will she have to forsake a new love to maintain an old one?

Creating strong-willed women who revel in their power is what Sara Brookes does well. Evande, her business partner Callista, Ana and even the human Gina - all wear their mantels of power and intelligence in enviable fashion. BLOOD FEVER continues the delve into the darkness within and this makes for some sizzling sexual exploration. Quinn and Logan vie for dominance in an age-old struggle but their desires for Evande do not cloud the storyline.

BLOOD FEVER is a well-written, well-edited darkly sexy paranormal treat. The action is solid, the sexual tension palpable throughout. The world building that can be frustrating in a series debut fleshes out nicely in this second round. Firmly caught in this writer's web, this reader cannot wait for Callista's story to be told!

I give this a tasty five chocolate dipped strawberries! Mmmmmm

This review was previously written for The Romance Reviews.
The Romance Review

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