Monday, August 1, 2011

In Control

Have you ever read a book that you know is good but you just don't connect with? That is what Control was for me. I'll read other books by Charlotte Stein because she has a depth in her writing that draws me. But these characters, and their story, were a turn-off for me.

ControlControl is the name of the game with Madison and her men. This story is multi-dimensional, hitting on the emotional levels of sex by creating a depth to her characters. Her illustrative writing sets a mood for a sensuous read so that the reader feels involved in each sexy encounter on Madison’s way to discovery.
When Madison Morris decides to hire an assistant for her erotic bookstore, she meets two completely different but equally appealing men. Andy is aggressive where Gabriel is uptight. Andy is presumptuous where Gabriel is repressed. And while she can hire only one Рthat would be Gabriel Рshe certainly can entertain both. The story of their developing relationship is complex, to say the least. Madison finds herself in a m̩nage where one man causes her to grasp control while the other man makes her lose it.

Control is in the erotica genre so it’s no surprise that it contains lots of crazy hot sex (jumping right in on the first chapter) and includes elements of dominance and submissive. Madison explores her sexuality as she plays with her men, never sure who is leading and who's following, and seems to thrive on creating a game of it all. But the story is deeper than most erotica provides readers as the author takes it a step further by giving the reader insight into the psychological aspects of sex.

While I acknowledge that the book is well-written, it lacked the romance that warms me. I didn’t particularly like any of the three main characters and couldn’t find any way to connect with them. But despite my feelings about the book, I believe readers who enjoy erotica but are seeking a deeper meaning in their story will enjoy it.

RATING: 3 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

This review was originally posted at The Romance Reviews
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