Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Humpday Hello!

With a pretty heinous migraine - I have to beg off on anything wacky for this week. I will, however, allow you to indulge in some books and eye candy! (Sometimes a girl needs an Angel on her side....) Enjoy!

Strings Attached, Anne Holly, Wild Horse Press, May 2011

Who knew the wilds of the Canadian North would be such a romantic setting? Anne Holly apparently! Bringing a quirky love story to life in her latest novel, Anne Holly's STRINGS ATTACHED will capture readers' "hopeful" romantic soul.

Josie Sergeant defines independent woman. Having taken over the family sheep ranch, she not only survives but thrives in the wilderness. Kept company by her dog and cat seems to suffice until she examines her life a little too closely after receiving a call from her brother, Richard, with news of his engagement to his girlfriend, Julie Sabich. And as distressed as she is about her brother's upcoming Christmas wedding, her reservations don't even touch those espoused by Julie's brother. Their initial meeting in Winnipeg goes badly, despite their instant attraction to one another, but Josie adores her brother and agrees to "entertain" the surly Theo at her ranch while the lovebirds plan their nuptials.

STRINGS ATTACHED snags the readers' attention from the start. Well written with beautifully descriptive scenes and witty dialogue, Ms. Holly spins a tale of hope, redemption and love. While the plot was relatively simple in nature, the characters themselves were strong and relatable. Occasionally, point of view shifts distracted from the story line but overall the story moved quickly and was very enjoyable. Ms Holly's skillful unveiling of the deeper emotional motivations of her main characters had this reader in tears - the good kind that promises hope and happy endings.

A classic contemporary romance, STRINGS ATTACHED delivers a solid story. Josie and Theo's romance is well worth the read. This reader highly recommends this slightly sappy, but nevertheless sweet story of two souls who fall in love despite their best efforts not to. Theirs is the kind of romance that makes you want to know what happens after "The End"!

This review was originally written for The Romance ReviewsThe Romance Review

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